Friday, August 1, 2008

WTH Is This?

ew photograph, above, has been published of the “Montauk Monster,” which allegedly washed up on a beach in Montauk. This photo is by Christina Pampalone.
The Montauk Monster has created an Internet sensation. It is today’s #1 Yahoo search. It reminds me of the “Maine Mutant.” Sometimes these kinds of things have a life of their own, so to speak, especially if there is a compelling image.
It is a cryptid, an unknown animal, until it is identified, of course, and that makes for a great story for the mainstream media, when they have a photo or even a few.
Joye Brown of Newsday reports today that the story is indeed real
Brown tells of how the famed photo (seen directly above) has a known photographer: “Jenna Hewitt, of Montauk, and three friends crept up to examine one side. And Hewitt snapped the camera shot heard ’round the world.”
Christina Pampalone, of East Northport, however, had actually taken the first photos (one is shown at the top of this posting).
“I was telling people, all day (Wednesday), that I had better photos,” Pampalone said.
“Everybody I showed her pictures to said it looks like a dead dog,” her friend Ryan O’Shea, of Brooklyn, said.
“But looking at the claws, and at the teeth in the front, it looked like it could be something else, something vicious.”
It was relatively small, roughly 21/2 to 3 feet long, he said.
Brown notes that the rumor that the thing is in someone’s backyard is false, apparently, as it has been moved.
Interestingly, Brown has collected some other interesting info from his readers:

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