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Understanding The Real Meaning Of The Illuminati.

I get tired of folks thinking that the illuminati is some type of boogey man. Most of time people are afraid of what they don't know. First of all the term "illuminati" derived from the word "Illuminate" which means to make clear,bright or light. Which is why the illuminati call themselves the barriers of light or elighten ones and their symbol is the "All seeing Eye", so contruary to folks beliefs that means anybody can be the illuminati If they open up their 6th chakra/sense or third eye.

The bible literally means Helios biblos (Sun papers)

Let's first go into the term Christian. The title Christian is, of course, an extension of the title Christ. A Christian is supposed to represent/reflect Christ. Now, what is Christ? Christ is actually a Greek term and is actually derived from a title that comes from a language that predated Greek and comes out of a part of Africa that our ancestors called Kemet (called Egypt by the Greeks). It's been well established that the Greeks received enlightenment from the Kemetians (inhabitants of Kemet), and borrowed many things from the Kemetians, which includes the story and title of Christ. The Kemetian title, which Christ was derived from, is KRST. The Kemetians didn't have vowels in their alphabet, so when you see Kemetian words written in English, with vowels, the vowels are placed there to display how the Kemetian word is pronounced in English. Now, KRST is a title that was given to the Kemetian personified Savior/Solar/Sun force called Heru (called Horus by the Greeks). The story of Heru is the oldest personified Savior/Sun/Solar force story, on written record. Many copies of this story would later spread around the world, given way to the most recent version, i.e. the story of Jesus. You see, Jesus, Heru and the numerous other Savior characters were not actual historical people, but were actually personifications of the force called Light, and the other characters within their stories were/are personifications of other forces in Nature. Also, each and everyone of us are fulfillments of those ancient myths/allegories, from one extent to another. If you will bear with me Sis, you may see how all of this ties into the Illuminati.

To sum up the above, Heru KRST = Jesus Christ. Heru represents a Light that has Saving power, thus we have a Sun/Solar Savior. Also, the word Hero was derived from Heru, the first Hero/Savior. We all know, I assume, that the Sun has Saving power, as it redeems/resurrects/springs forth that which dies annually, as a result of daylight being shorten, during the FALL and winter months. However, the Sun above us is not the only Sun that exist possessing Saving power. You see, the Kemetians, being brilliant/advanced scientists (students of Nature/NTR/Neters), or masters of science, learned/knew Laws and Principles that govern Nature (Note: Nature was derived from the Kemetian word NTR which is pronounced Neter and Neters are simply personifications of the different forces found throughout creations, but many of mistakenly viewed the concept of Neters as being gods, thus they falsely project that the Kemetians did not acknowledge the One Creator of all). One of those Principles was called the Hermetic Principle of correspondence, i.e. as it is above, so it is below; as it is within, so it is without and vice versa. When applying this Principle, we find that we possess a Sun within us. When we project knowledge and intelligence, we are projecting enlightenment, thus we are displaying the Sun within. Another example is when we are presenting knowledge and wisdom to a person and they may not get what you're conveying at first, then once they get it, they say I/Eye SEE. Thus, Heru/Horus/Jesus, also, represents a Saving Sun/Light within us, which is illuminated (slowly approaching the concept of the Illunimanti) by what many call the Eye of Heru/Horus (Pineal Gland in medical terminology), and is seen on many Illuminati symbols, such as the back of the Amerikkkan $1 dollar bill, and interestingly (not coincidentally) along with a pyramid. Just as this world's (i.e. this current Age of "death" and wicked rule) 3 major western religions (Judaism Christianity and Islam or JCI) can find their roots in ancient Kemet, so can freemasonry. However, the people (caucasions) that concocted JCI and westernized freemasonry, corrupted/distorted the original ancient Kemetian teachings and practices, and this corruption is a result of the nature of Caucasion people, who were called, by many Kemetians, Typhonians (meaning Satans or people of Satan). They claim to be the Illuminati (meaning people of Light or enlightenment or innerlightenment), however the true Illuminati that are destined to bring in a New World Order, from/to a World of Dis-order/chaos/evil/darkness/death is our people, who are the True people of Saving Light, due to the fact that our Eye of Heru/3rd Eye/Pineal Glands are not sealed/calcified, while Caucasions have highly calcified Eyes of Heru, preventing them from being the True Illuminati. This is a reason why they were called Typhonians. You see, Typhonian is an extension of Typhon (like Christian is an extension of Christ). Typhon was another term for the Kemetian Neter Set, and Set represents the force called darkness.

To under/inner/overstand astro-theological symbolism, is to under/inner/overstand this world's/era's/age's major religions. Adherents to Judaism and Christianity condemn astrology, as being paganistic. However, the "Holy Bible" is fiiled with astrological symbolism. The book of Job (38:31-33) states, 38:31, "Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Plei-a-des or loose the bands of Orion?" 38:32, "Canst thou bring forth Mazz-a-roth in his season? or canst thou guide Arc-tu-rus with his sons?" 38:33, "Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven? This is all in reference to the zodiac and astrology. The definition of Mazzaroth in the King James Version of the bible is "The twelve houses of the zodiac".

Prior to being called "Holy Bible", that book was called Helio (Sun in Greek) Biblio (Book/Scroll in Greek), i.e. Sun Book; the original of which can be found in the myths encoded, in stone and story, around the ancient world, millennia before the Judeo-Christian bible was compiled. You see, the Bible/Helio Biblio is a book of astro-theological symbolism; and the chief symbol in astro-theology is the Sun. So important was the Sun, to the ancients, including the Hebrews, that the following passages were printed into the Helio Biblio:

Psalms 113:3, the chosen are instructed to praise the Lord from the "rising of the sun to its setting."

At Psalms 68:32-34, the faithful are instructed to "sing praises to Jah, to him who rides in the heavens, the ancient heavens whose majesty is over Israel, and his power is in the skies", exactly as was said about ancient Solar Heroes (Hero is derived from the Kemetian solar character's name Heru).

Malachi 1:11: "For from the rising of sun to its setting my name is great among the nations." The Helio Biblio's Lord's name is not said to be great after the setting of the Sun, during the night, because his "name" is the Sun, as the Lord of the Christians goes by the name/title of Amen (derived from the Kemetian Solar Diety Amen-Ra), in Revelation 3:14.

In Malachai 4:2 of the Old Testament, it states "But unto you, fear my name, shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings." This Helio Biblio passage is a derivative/description of the ancient Kemetian symbol of the winged Sun (click here to see).

The Sun gives up its life force to provide us with warmth, food and many other things. Thus, it was said that the Sun/Son of God gives its life up for us.

The Helio Biblio's symbolism stories are just masked, by carnalization and historicization, e.g. Solomon. There is no recorded ourstory of a king Solomon reigning over 12 tribes of Is-Ra-El. However, if we look to astro-theology, as Manly P. Hall suggests, then we find evidence of this Biblio event. The three syllables in Sol-Om-On are all names for the Sun, in three languages. Manly P. Hall wrote that Solomon and his wives and concubines were symbolic of the planets, moons, asteroids and other receptive bodies within his house (the solar mansion). Solomon's Temple is symbolic of the domain of the Sun. A greek historian named Herodotus (485-425 BCE [or Before Piscean Era]), travelled and researched the lands and history of Egypt and the near East. Herodotus heard nothing of the empire of Solomon; nor did Plato, in his travels to the same area. Not once does Solomon's name appear in any inscriptions, before the Hebrews wrote their texts.

The ancients also symbolized the Sun as a baby in December, a youth at Easter, an immensely strong man by the summer, an aging man losing his power in the autumn, and an old man by the winter solstice. They, also, symbolized the sun as having long golden hair (sun rays), which got shorter as he lost his power in the months of autumn. Now, look at the old testament story of Samson (Sam-sun). He was incredibly strong and had long hair, but he lost his power, when his hair was cut. The problems started, when he entered the House of Delilah, the astrological house of Virgo (symbol of a woman), through which the sun passes as autumn approaches. In Hebrew, Samson means Solar.

A common theme, in all esoteric school traditions, is of 12 tribes, disciples, knights or followers surrounding a deity (personified Sun). Thus you have the 12 tribes of Israel, 12 prines of Ishmael, 12 disciples or follwers of Jesus, Buddha, Osiris, and Quetzalcoatl etc. There is also King Arthur and his 12 knights of the round table (the zodiac circle); and the woman (Isis/Semiramis) with a crown of 12 stars in the Book of Revelation.

Genesis symbolizes the 12 signs of the Zodiac, within the carnalized/historicized figures, called the 12 tribes of Is-Ra-El, as each are given an attribute associated with each Zodiac sign:

Reuben (associated with water) = Aquarius (the Water Carrier), Genesis 49:3-4

Simeon & Levi (known as The Brethren) = Gemini (the Twins), Genesis 49: 5-7

Judah (the Lion's Whelp) = Leo (the Lion), Genesis 49: 8-12

Zebulum (associated with the sea) = Pisces (the Fish), Genesis 49:13

Issachar (called a strong ass) = Taurus (the Bull/Ox), Genesis 49:14-15

Dan (known as a serpent that biteth heels) = Scorpio (the Scorpion), Genesis 49: 16-17

Gad (overcome by a troop which is synonymous to a flock which is associated with sheep) = Aries (the Ram), Genesis 49:19

Asher (associated with bread, and bread is associated with justice) = Libra (the Scales of Justice), Genesis 49:20

Naphtali (known as a Hind) = Capricorn, Genesis 49:21

Joseph (associated with a bough and arches) = Sagittarius (the archer), Genesis 49: 22-23

Benjamin (known as a Devour) = Cancer (the Crab), Genesis 49:27

Dinah (the sole Female/Daughter) = Virgo (the Maiden/Virgin), Genesis 46:15

As/if you can see, the ancient writers of astro-theology were superb metaphorical writers.

I've already presented some of the superb metaphorical astro-theological stories, surrounding the Sun symbol, Jesus, in the "Is Jesus In You & I/Eye" thread. Here, I'll go into the Zodiac Ages, mentioned throughout the New Testament:

In Matthew 28:20 it states "Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the AGE." In Matthew 12:32, "The holy spirit will not be forgiven, either in this AGE or in the AGE to come." In Matthew 13:39, "The harvest is the end of the AGE, and the harvesters are angels". 13:40 "As the weeds are pulled up and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the AGE". In Matthew 24:3 "and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the AGE?" and from Luke 18:30 "the kingdom of God will fail to recieve many times as much in this AGE and, in the AGE to come, eternal life." First Corinthians 3:6, "We do, however, speak a message of wisdom among the mature, but not the wisdom of this AGE or of the rulers of this AGE who are coming to nothing". Hebrews 6:5 "Who have tasted the goodness of the word of god and the powers of the coming AGE". Ephesians 3:5, "Which in other AGES was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit."

Jesus is said to have fed his people with two fishes and five loaves. The two fishes represent "Pisces" and the Age of Pisces or that particular House of the Zodiac. That is why Jesus is referred to as the "great fisherman"; and, also, why the Pope's headdress is shaped like a fish.

If the Pope's headdress is viewed sideways, you will fully see its fish shape. Rome has ruled the world, for over 2000 years, under the Age of Pisces. According to the ancient writings of our ancestors, it takes the Earth approximately 2,160 years to move through each zodiac house. Thus, we are at the doorstep of the next Zodiac House/New Age, i.e. Aquarius.

Our ancestors wrote about the cycle, of what is called precession. This is the effect of the Earth's wobble which slowly moves the planet on its axis, so that it faces different star systems/astrological houses. Ancient temples, all around the world, reflect these cycles of precession in their geometry and mathematics. According to the Mayan calendar, the critical changeover point is December 21st 2012. The ancients knew of these great cycles of change; and all the ancient calendars end in the period we are living through now. The Mayans said that there would be a transition period, between the old world and the new, as one version of time was replaced by another. They called this period no time; and they said this would begin July 1982 and lead to the shift on December 21, 2012. The ancients knew of the Earth's energy grid and its potential to affect human conciousness. Being that we live in the Earth's magnetic field, when it changes we change.

Our ancient acestors studied the stars and used them for signs, for things such as changes, including changes in consciousness, which is astrology. The ruling elite (illuminated ones) know of the significance of astrology, but have tricked the masses, in religion, into viewing it as an evil and futile science. Thus, I'll close this post out with the following Biblio passage, which gives credence to the science of astrology (the study of signs from stars), from which much of today's major religions' concepts stemmed from.

Genesis 1:14, "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs..."


  1. i thought all Illuminati members are anti-Christ , and i also thought that being a member of Illuminati family is like a big sin that you would sold your soul to the devil ..

  2. In stone and story....I love that

    1. Thank you. I stop doing my blog,because I couldn't upgrade it the way I wanted to.

  3. 08.24.96 - Genesis 1:14
    Was the final touch, ive never read such purity in someones amazing words..
    This really spoke almost all of my unanswered questions i've been waiting to understand..
    i'd be forever greatful if you possibly share or know where to find more on ancient kemetian teachings?
    - -

    1. Thank you and Ancient KeMYSTERY teachigns are everywhere on this plantation/planet"

  4. Europeans flip the knowledge into something satanic

  5. Great Article. Here are some excellent sources I've picked up along my journey to truth thus far:

    Look up the definition of Mathematics in the Latin language. It will define as Astrology.

    Research The Occult teachings thoroughly. Occult in simple terms means "that which is kept hidden/secret."

    Look up on YouTube this guy "martyleeds33" and prepare to get your mind busted wide open!

    Also you must look up without a doubt, "13signsastrology" on YouTube.

    peace gods.

  6. Wow. I've been researching for literally all day and night. I started off with researching the origin of my people "Black people" and ended being here and the knowledge I have received scares me. It all makes since but I cant fathom the thought of going against what has been pushed into me since I was a child. I can't believe this. I'm confused. Just like the others I viwed this as being an evil thing, but this is ...........crazy

    1. I wonder how u are now in your JOURNEY/JURY" because, queen the RABBI/t hole is deep

    2. I'm where she was in March 11 and this might sound weird but I figured much of it out on my own. Just free thinking. I typed into google, "illuminati i understand now" and you
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  7. If you want to know where the illuminati really comes from, watch Kieth Thompson's Age of Aquarius on youtube.
    They're known by other names as well, be not deceived by the light of the light bearer.

  8. the actual scripture reads Matthew 12:32 And whoever speaks a word against the son of Man will be forgiven, but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or the age to come.