Thursday, June 24, 2010

White Women Breast Feeds Dog

Truly bizarre. What’s next? Actually we’d rather not know…

Suzanne Morgan , 32, had just layed her 17-month-old daughter to sleep. Morgan’s dog Dixie, however, was wide awake and barking nonstop, which meant she was hungry. The British single mom had ransacked her pantry and fridge and came up empty; she had forgotten to buy Dixie’s food. Her eyes zeroed in on some bottles of breast milk in the far corner of her unstocked refrigerator. Could she feed her dog breast milk?

Dixie’s barking had grown louder and louder. “I stared at the milk and then back at Dixie. I couldn’t, could I?” Morgan questioned. Since the frenzied woman could not take the dog’s hunger cries any more, she decided to pour some breast milk in to its bowl. Dixie lapped it up with a passion, the barking stopped.

Since breaking up with her child’s father more than a year ago, Morgan’s finances were tight.

It was obvious Dixie enjoyed the breast milk, so Morgan decided to search the Internet to see if there were other women who had been giving breast milk to their pets. Much to her surprise, she found women who had given breast milk to their dogs, cats and even pigs, but not only did they pour the breast milk in to bowls, but some had even allowed the animals to suckle at their breasts too. “Oh my, God, I gasped, as I looked at a photo of a woman with a cat suckling on her boob. Surely that was unhygienic? Not to mention painful,” says Morgan. Suddenly, she had a lightbulb moment.
She wondered if she should allow her dog to breastfeed too. Besides, there were other women who were touting the experience of breastfeeding your pet as being just as rewarding as feeding a baby.

After absorbing all that she could find on the subject, Morgan made the decision to breastfeed her little dog. She started out by first feeding her daughter. Then with the opposite breast, she would express some milk out, rub it around the nipple then offer it to her dog. She did have reservations about being bitten, scratched or hurt, but Dixie was gentle. Morgan admits that it tickled at first, but then it felt as if it were her daughter feeding on her breast. “Despite having a mouthful of sharp teeth, Dixie didn’t bite me,” enthuses the Mom. After 10 minutes of feeding, Morgan gently pulled the dog away.
Morgan did call her doctor to determine if breastfeeding her dog was safe. She claims her doctor was silent at first, but then said that if they both were healthy, then there would be no real risk. Morgan does disinfect herself, after Dixie feeds. And while her toddler has lost interest in breastfeeding now, Dixie continues to enjoy it.

Morgan is now pregnant with her second child. Sadly, she did not remain with the child’s father and broke up with him after only four months of being together. She never disclosed to him or her family that she breastfeeds her dog. “I was itching to tell someone about it. But how? My mum, and my mates would think I’d gone mad. So I kept it to myself,” she says. Morgan is ecstatic, however, that Dixie’s breastfeeding is relieving some of the fullness of her breasts. She feeds the canine twice a day for 20 minutes at a time.
The expectant Mom is due in June. Does she plan to stop breastfeeding Dixie? Well, Morgan insists that when she’s around the third month, she’ll put breastfeeding her dog on hold, express milk for her, then pick it up again around month four. What’s the point? None! It’s just a system that Morgan finds works for her.


  1. White people are disgusting nd bizzare... Brainless... Always out of order, never following the laws of nature... How cud u breastfeed ur dog nd child at da same tym?? That puttin da child in danger nd at risk of dying from al those germs... Well nt al white people, bt majority!!

  2. This is a good woman, one who treats her puppy like it is
    part of the family. Just do it.