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Mass Mind Control Through Network Television: Are Your Thoughts Your Own?

Why do countless American people go along with the War on Iraq? Why do so many people call for a police state control grid? A major component to a full understanding of why this kind of governmental and corporate corruption is to discover the modern science of mind control and social engineering. It's baffling to merely glance at the stacks of documentation that this world government isn't being constructed for the greater good of humanity. Although there are a growing number of people waking up the reality of our growing transparent soft cage, there seems to be just enough citizens who are choosing to remain asleep. Worse yet, there are even those who were at least partially awake at one time but found it necessary to return to the slumber of dreamland.This is no accident; this is a carefully crafted design. The drive to dumb down the populations of planet earth is a classic art that existed before the United States did. One component to understanding and deciphering the systems of control is to become a student of the magicians of influence and propaganda. In order to defeat our enemies (or dictators), its imperative that we understand how they think and what they believe in.

When people think about mind control, they usually think in terms of the classic "conspiracy theory" that refers to Project MK-Ultra. This program is a proven example of 'overt mind control.' The project had grown out of an earlier secret program, known as Bluebird that was officially formed to counter Soviet advances in brainwashing. In reality the CIA had other objectives. An earlier aim was to study methods 'through which control of an individual may be attained'. The emphasis of experimentation was 'narco-hypnosis', the blending of mind altering drugs with carefully hypnotic programming.A crack CIA team was formed that could travel, at a moments notice, to anywhere in the world. Their task was to test the new interrogation techniques, and ensure that victims would not remember being interrogated and programmed. All manner of narcotics, from marijuana to LSD, heroin and sodium pentathol (the so called 'truth drug') were regularly used.Despite poor initial results, CIA-sponsored mind control program flourished. On 13 April 1953, the super-secret project MK-ULTRA was born. Its scope was broader than ever before, and only those in the top echelon of the CIA were privy to it. Official CIA documents describe MK-ULTRA as an 'umbrella project' with 149 'sub-projects'. Many of these sub-projects dealt with testing illegal drugs for potential field use. Others dealt with electronics. One explored the possibility of activating 'the human organism by remote control'. Throughout, it remained a major goal to brainwash individuals to become couriers and spies without their knowledge.When it was formed in 1947, the CIA was forbidden to have any domestic police or internal security powers. In short, it was authorized only to operate 'overseas'. From the very start MK-ULTRA staff broke this Congressional stipulation and began testing on unwitting American citizens.Precisely how extensive illegal testing became will never be known. Richard Helms, CIA Director and chief architect of the program, ordered the destruction of all MK-ULTRA records shortly before leaving office in 1973. Despite these precautions some documents were misfiled and came to light in the late 1970's. They laid bare the spy agency's cynicism. Despite the widespread knowledge of MK Ultra and the civil lawsuits that followed, this form of behavior modification is not the most expansive. The real dangers are the types of thought control that are 'covert' and not the subject of several dozen Hollywood movies like "Clockwork Orange" and Mel Gibson's "Conspiracy Theory."Our founding fathers faced enormous challenges in the formation of this country and its bill of rights. One challenge was laying down the groundwork or a free society without knowing what kind of technological advances would be made. Who would have guessed in those times that we needed an article in the bill of rights that specifically prohibits the government and it's associates from engaged in mind control or thought control. The closest item that promises our protection from the government is the 4th Article in The Bill of Rights which states, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." Like many are now beginning to note, the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights are merely given lip service by our supposedly elected officials.One of the most common examples of mind control in our so-called free and civilized society is the advent and usage of the television set. This isn't to say that all things on TV are geared towards brainwashing you. They're not. But most of the programming on television today is run by the largest media corporations that have interests in defense contracts, such as Westinghouse (CBS), and General Electric (NBC). This makes perfect sense when you see how slanted and warped the news is today. Examining the conflicts of interest is merely glancing at the issue, although to understand the multiple ways that lies become truth, we need to examine the techniques of brainwashing that the networks are employing.Radio isn't any different in its ability to brainwash a population into submission. Sixty-seven years ago, six million Americans became unwitting subjects in an experiment in psychological warfare. It was the night before Halloween, 1938. At 8 p.m. CST, the Mercury Radio on the Air began broadcasting Orson Welles' radio adaptation of H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds. As is now well known, the story was presented as if it were breaking news, with bulletins so realistic that an estimated one million people believed the world was actually under attack by Martians. Of that number, thousands succumbed to outright panic, not waiting to hear Welles' explanation at the end of the program that it had all been a Halloween prank, but fleeing into the night to escape the alien invaders.According to researcher Mack White (,

Psychologist Hadley Cantril conducted a study of the effects of the broadcast and published his findings in a book, The Invasion from Mars: A Study in the Psychology of Panic. This study explored the power of broadcast media, particularly as it relates to the suggestibility of human beings under the influence of fear. Cantril was affiliated with Princeton University's Radio Research Project, which was funded in 1937 by the Rockefeller Foundation. Also affiliated with the Project was Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member and Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) executive Frank Stanton, whose network had broadcast the program. Stanton would later go on to head the news division of CBS, and in time would become president of the network, as well as chairman of the board of the RAND Corporation, the influential think tank which has done groundbreaking research on, among other things, mass brainwashing. Two years later, with Rockefeller Foundation money, Cantril established the Office of Public Opinion Research (OPOR), also at Princeton. Among the studies conducted by the OPOR was an analysis of the effectiveness of "psycho-political operations" (propaganda, in plain English) of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Then, during World War II, Cantril and Rockefeller money assisted CFR member and CBS reporter Edward R. Murrow in setting up the Princeton Listening Center, the purpose of which was to study Nazi radio propaganda with the object of applying Nazi techniques to OSS propaganda. Out of this project came a new government agency, the Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service (FBIS). The FBIS eventually became the United States Information Agency (USIA), which is the propaganda arm of the National Security Council. Thus, by the end of the 1940s, the basic research had been done and the propaganda apparatus of the national security state had been set up--just in time for the Dawn of Television."Experiments conducted by researcher Herbert Krugman reveal that when a person watches television, brain activity switches from the left to the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is the seat of logical thought. Here, information is broken down into its component parts and critically analyzed. The right brain, however, treats incoming data uncritically, processing information in wholes, leading to emotional, rather than logical responses. The shift from left to right brain activity also causes the release of endorphins, the body's own natural opiates--thus, it is possible to become physically addicted to watching television, a hypothesis borne out by numerous studies which have shown that very few people are able to kick the television habit. It's no longer an overstatement to note that the youth today that are raised and taught through network television are intellectually dead by their early teens.The dumbing down of humanity is represented by another shift which occurs in the brain when we watch television. Activity in the higher brain regions (such as the neo-cortex) is diminished, while activity in the lower brain regions (such as the limbic system) increases. The latter, commonly referred to as the reptile brain, is associated with more primitive mental functions, such as the "fight or flight" response. The reptile brain is unable to distinguish between reality and the simulated reality of television. To the reptile brain, if it looks real, it is real. Thus, though we know on a conscious level it is "only a film," on a subconscious level we do not--the heart beats faster, for instance, while we watch a suspenseful scene. Similarly, we know the commercial is trying to manipulate us, but on an unconscious level the commercial nonetheless succeeds in, say, making us feel inadequate until we buy whatever thing is being advertised--and the effect is all the more powerful because it is unconscious, operating on the deepest level of human response. The reptile brain makes it possible for us to survive as biological beings, but it also leaves us vulnerable to the manipulations of television programmers. This is where the manipulators use our own emotions as strings to control us. The distortions and directions we are being moved to are taking place in the subconscious, often undetected.Propaganda techniques were first codified and applied in a scientific manner by journalist Walter Lippman and psychologist Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud) early in the 20th century. During World War I, Lippman and Bernays were hired by then United States President, Woodrow Wilson, to participate in the Creel Commission, the mission of which was to sway popular opinion in favor of entering the war, on the side of Britain. Edward Bernays said in his 1928 book Propaganda,
"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country."The Creel Commission provided themes for speeches by "four-minute men" at public functions, and also encouraged censorship of the American press. The Commission was so unpopular that after the war, Congress closed it down without providing funding to organize and archive its papers. The war propaganda campaign of Lippman and Bernays produced within six months such an intense anti-German hysteria as to permanently impress American business (and Adolf Hitler, among others) with the potential of large-scale propaganda to control public opinion. Bernays coined the terms "group mind" and "engineering consent", important concepts in practical propaganda work. The current public relations industry is a direct outgrowth of Lippman's and Bernays' work and is still used extensively by the United States government. For the first half of the 20th century Bernays and Lippman ran a very successful public relations firm. World War II saw continued use of propaganda as a weapon of war, both by Hitler's propagandist Joseph Gobbles and the British Political Warfare Executive, as well as the United States Office of War Information.Turn on your local newscast. You have a few minutes of blue-collar crime, hardly any white collar crime, a few minutes of sports, misc. chit chat, random political jibber-jabber, and a look at the weather that no one is forecasting correctly. Is that what happened in your town? And we're supposed to own the airwaves! The mainstream media openly supports the interests of the prison industrial complex. The stories focus on minority criminal groups, and exploit the real threat to appear much more dangerous than they are. Think about the growing per capita number of prisoners in the country. Then remember that this is happening at the same time that our prison boom began. The police on our streets have created criminals. The focus is to keep us in a state of fear, that way the elitists can attack any group they want to without fear of consequence. This is why the media is continuing to craft the timeless art of dehumanization.The techniques are increasing in their sophistication over time as the mind scientists that serve the empire continue to discover scientific breakthroughs as to how the human brain functions, learns, retains information, and behaves. The most effective brainwashing techniques are used on the most successful propaganda networks. Examine the music bed that lies low during the fright night scope of the second. It's spooky. I wonder if we are supposed to be thinking with our minds or getting ready for stunt. Observe the graphics with the music. They're glitzy and flashing. Like the monkey that is attracted to shiny objects, it's our monkey hand that controls to remote often stops the search for entertainment when the proper amount of glamor catches their attention. Most importantly, notice the repetition behind the lies that the politicians and their corporate media groupies tell us. You see, the unimaginable fallacies are created as 'truth' not because it's logical or provable, but because of the broken record technique. No matter how ridiculous the lie, it's repeated often enough that the brain doesn't know the difference between reality and nursery rhymes. This technique is underestimated in its ability to allow the puppeteers to hypnotize millions of people. Instead of "Fair and balanced" it's "We say it enough times, and you believe it."It's a tragic day when the state can monopolize on the enslaving and imprisonment of a population. Hollywood will continue to frighten us with films on the mafia, gangsters, and the corrupt blue collar criminal whose stupidity and greed get them caught. In the end, our minds are already preconditioned to accept living in a police state economy and society because we read it in the paper, saw it praised on the news and talk shows, or saw it in a movie. There are several movies planned right now that support the official story of 911 and a few movies that glamorize the War on IRAQ. According to David L Robb, Author of Operation Hollywood,
"Hollywood and the Pentagon have a long history of making movies together. It's a tradition that stretches back to the early days of silent films, and extends right up until the present day. It's been a collaboration that works well for both sides. Hollywood producers get what they want - access to billions of dollars worth of military hardware and equipment - tanks, jet fighters, nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers - and the military gets what it wants - films that portray the military in a positive light; films that help the services in their recruiting efforts. The Pentagon is not merely a passive supporter of films, however. If the Pentagon doesn't like a script, it will usually suggest script changes that will allow the film to receive the military's support and approval. Sometimes these proposed changes are minor. But sometimes the changes are dramatic. Sometimes they change dialogue. Sometimes they change characters. Sometimes they even change history."They create something coined 'disinfotainment'. They mix disinformation with entertainment and call it disinfotainment.Unadulterated violence is now accepted on regular TV. Killing in the name of the mother government is praised, that is unless the violence is committed in self defense to protect someone from the system. Sharp shooters, bombers, and assassin are worshiped if they are fighting for the system, are in the military, or are associated with groups that control the masses locally, such as the local police department. I don't condone violence, however it's hypocritical to support one form of homicide when it favors the elite, and condemn another when it's done to protect your land, freedom, or loved ones. This odd reality transfers itself into the shady world of video games that are stepped in plots and tasks to kill as much as the player can. The players are getting younger and younger with 7 out of 10 children playing games with a 'Mature' rating. Recently I was browsing the PC video game selection at a very large electronics store. I was appalled to see nearly 50 different games in which the setting of the game is Iraq and the goal is to kill as many insurgents as possible and fulfill the mission. Children today are being indoctrinated through their favorite games and law enforcement programs to be the button pushers of the weapons of mass destruction for tomorrow's world.Is it any wonder why there are two house bills and a senate bill (with more on the way), which are giant steps in dismantling the free speech of the general public. These bills together would kill (PEG) cable access centers where the public still owns the airwaves. It's the programming created locally, without censorship or commercial gain. Their income is derived from franchises within the local cities and a small percentage cable subscriber frees. This is a corporate takeover because this is centralizing communication by removing the locally based programming and moving the audience to the more official, nationalistic, and sensational programs that promotes violence, uniformity, and slavery over peach, diversity and freedom. Cable access features free speech and information with perspectives neglected by mainstream television. It also features a free flow programming system with fresh programs being aired by new producers on a rotating basis. This keeps the content and information creative and locally based while network TV is rigid with regular time slots and repetitive programming.The blocks of programming that are universally accepted parallel the shift to craft our entire lives towards the factory's bell and the illusion of time. This is the creation of the hive mind. The hive mind is result of massive brainwashing to the general public. Everyone shares the same thoughts, goals, knowledge and understanding. A hive mind society gears itself towards conformity and ignores diversity while masqueraded as the road to utopia in mainstream television. Network programming, weather it's the news or drama, is geared towards artificially creating your world and reality. With the proper amount of entertainment and sensationalism, we may even be living our lives through the television set. Many anchors and actors are beautiful and research shows that attractive people are usually perceived as trust worthy. While the real news rolls quickly by on the bottom of your screen, the anchor is selling you on the idea of having your very own police state hell hole right here in your local jurisdiction, or how 2 sports opposing teams chased around on a court for 2 hours in attempt to score points means something to you. No education, no information, SPIN. Today the media represents a tool of brainwashing and indoctrination that is utilized on behalf of the owners interests.Since the 1996 Telco act, television and radio stations all across the nation were bought out by major international media outlets. Clear Channel and Infinity are the two largest corporations in radio today. This has centralized the distribution of information and has threatened our free society ever since. The media drums to the heartbeat of its owners, whose interests are not of the general public. Instead they are interested in their other financial endeavors like defense contracting, oil business, political parties, prison industry. The conflicts of interest are monumental with the deregulation of the corporations. The lines are now blurred between one network's coverage of the war and the other.Once we come to the conclusion that the media is intentionally deceiving us, we can apply the principles of problem-reaction-solution. This formula takes a problem by either creating it or allowing it to happen and presenting that to the population. It could be terrorism, molestation, extra terrestrials. These topics create fear and no one in their right mind would support terrorism or crime. It's therefore OK to blast the television, the papers, and radio with 'the problem.' The natural reaction from the people is a request for more control to ensure more safety. Most let their fear and emotional side control their decisions and usually translated into something like, "The government needs more power over our lives to make us safer and freer from tyranny. I believe what the media tells me so I will support whatever decisions they make." Today's mainstream corporate news program discourages dissent of the war and paints activists with a negative brush that hints of treason. At the same time, the so-called journalists are cogs in a much larger machine who know that if they report a story that paints the government in a dark light, is likely to remain on 'the wire' and off the front page.The most disturbing thing about spending a single hour examining network cable news and modern Hollywood films are the reoccurring themes in the backdrop. The central ideas of countless "investigative reports" or "Friday night special" features are about a threat of some type over the horizon. The end of the world as we know it is being sold. If the news isn't feeding it to you, then the History Channel or Discover Channel are either talking about the crusades, asteroids, UFOs, earthquakes, terrorism, or exposes about serial killers. They are crafted a message that our world is unstable, and the threat is always an invisible and dangerous one that only our military can fix. When you record and log all the messages, you end up with a script, a screen write produced through the movie studios of Hollywood hell.I am not alone in noting this observation. Local and network news are designing their editorials about despair and fear because the owners, producers, and editors now understand that fear sells. The end result are the desired ratings, delivered like expected. The masters of modern spin understand that we like to be terrified. Just look at the success in the action/suspense/terror genres that have plopped onto the conveyor belt and packaged for our glee consumption. When the editors in charge found out that simply plastering a terror alert chart didn't scare the people the same way it used to, they began to kick up the campaign of terror a few notches with new and creative ways to sell the police state.When you get to the other side of the terror alerts of all shapes and sizes, you find another nightmare masquerading as the savior. The 'Ministry of Truth' will protect you. The mother government is here to rescue you and squash this brown terrorist bug, this gray alien, this avian bird flu, and every other nightmare that the nightly news brought you. The finest public relations specialists take the science of worshiping our kings down to a frame by frame level. George W. Bush is pictured in numerous poises with a hallo around his head. In other pictures, he stands tall with dozens of American flags blowing in the wind behind him. A more blasphemous display features him speaking in front of the cross of Jesus Christ. The message send couldn't be more clearly presented. Our current leaders are of the messiah status and only through them, will we reach the gates of safety. The lie that has been accepted by so many as truth is that this is a religious war. Numerous prime time programs are telling the story of the crusades (without the horrors) to synch our vibrations up to something out of the 13th Century, instead of the 21st Century. If the America people accept the fact that the crusades are here, that George Bush reports directly to god, and that revelations are here, then they have won the war for our minds.The loudspeaker whispers, "All our problems are by accident, never design." Across the room the system's minion snorts, "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear." It's that plot that says Middle Eastern terrorists from an Afghan cave are the reason beyond our little, "War on terror." Related messages in the script demonize young minority males and suggest harsh punishments for crimes they commit. They don't come out overtly and state their racist agenda. They come at you from the side by airing the same crime news repetitively, usually when it's committed by the minority group. The networks love the fact that the TV sets the norms in society and today, and hence politically opinion. Who would imagine that in the United States of America, both candidates of both parties in the 2004 election would be members of the Skull and Bones society at Yale University? Out of 290 million Americans, this is the best we could come up with?It is the decision of the owners to influence producers, editors, and others involved to paint to brush to fit the objective, which is the bottom line. If Sports is what the people want, then they get it, usually in large doses. Multi-media sports (or spectator sports) is just an escape from our own existence. It's like gambling, or drug addiction. It provides that buffer zone of rooting for something with other people that we've been told is good. People's fantasies also lead them to fixating on sports. It's simulated masculinity, in an age where there's a push to change us from men to robots. It's human nature to resist and fight that which is suppressing us. The sociologists and psychologists in areas of influence know this. Spectator sports prove the outlet internationally for what has been stripped away from us. We've lost the right to rebel and change our government through warfare if necessary. Today the bulk of our nation's population today doesn't know what's really going on with the fall of the American dollar and the plans for the transfer of American wealth to other countries. However, most can tell you who the top basketball or football players are. A lot of fans wish they were the stars, out there on the stage, the court, and the drag strip. Either you're "numero uno" in center stage or you're nothing. End of story.What I never understood when I was in high school was why my peers and friends would act naïve or ignorant in a "Wayne's World" or "Beavis and Butthead" kind of way. What I've learned since then is that the numerous programs that are pimping themselves of as 'entertainment' are actually targeted to the lowest common denominator. This is especially true with disc jockeys in radio today. The reason our airwaves are saturated with jokes and content centered on fart jokes, private parts, borderline racism, and general trash talk is because it is selling. In the meantime, large numbers of our children, young adults, and older audiences are mimicking what they see and hear because the current 'norm' is selling this behavior as cool or 'chic.' When the conditioned is so intense that these forms of content are considered the norm, anything else seems either bizarre or uninteresting to the average American's attention span that is decreasing by the day. Hypothetically, if a producer on a network did get away with a feature story exposing government corruption at the highest levels, chances are the large impact necessary wouldn't be realized because the average viewer's brain has already been conditioned to seek out certain types of disinfotainment.The media has created the picture perfect society that could exist if we only did things their way, (their interests/government interest). It tells us what happiness is and what it is not and same for love, hate or anything else they can implant into our subconsciousness. We can become the perfect slave to the system through indoctrination given through network TV. Over time the messages are becoming increasingly racist, violent, and dishonest. But the programming began decades ago and few have the eyes to see it for what it has become. We live in a world where the populations give their minds away to the official version of the event, where utopia is right around the corner when big brother is riding shotgun. It's a world where Hollywood can make you believe anything, even that you are free. It's a world in which the prosecutor and the judge sit on the same side of the bench. The most obvious reason that our minds are being controlled on a massive scale psychologically, is because our culture has been conditioned incrementally through TV, radio, or the paper. We are given the world reality through a screen, some ink, or radio waves. The truth is hiding in plain site. The indoctrination through these mediums warns us that views other than those presented by them are unimportant and too be condemned. This administration and media monopoly has a carefully crafted dehumanization program to anyone that dissents the official version of events.Some people are wrong about 5% of the time. Some are wrong most of the time. I wish I was wrong all the time. A lot of people deal with these intense realities, by asking me rhetorically, "What is the solution, smart guy?" Remember, it's the viewers, the consumers and all the other little votes called dollars that helped this oligarchy system lay its concrete foundation in our backyards. We must recognize the truth about why the system is flawed and enslaving us if we wish to beat it. The most important solution to fighting this type of brainwashing and mind control is to start with ourselves and our own awakening in the smaller things. In this case, it's brainwashing but after awhile we break Outside the Box and begin venturing outside the system and into unknown terrain. Fighting with people and forcing them to understand 'our truth' is not a solution. If our collective free will created this nightmare, than only our collective free will change it. The battle begins in the heart and mind of the beholder, and then extends outward from there, only to those open to the information.If you choose to travel the road to the truth, then you must be prepared for the obstacles that await you. You may be condemned or criticized by your family, your friends, your lovers, or your co-workers. This is their programming that began at birth that is doing exactly what it's supposed to do. You're going to have to be stronger than that. You must realize that there is a reality that exists outside of this controlled artificial system. Like Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade, he took that 'leap of faith' over the bridgeless canyon in an attempt to get to the other side. Like Neo in the Matrix, he took the red pill from Morpheus in his attempt to cross over to his real self. Once you wake up, it's as if a hypnotist came along and snapped his fingers. You wake up and say to yourself, "Oh my god. I can see it now. Why did it take me so long to wake up?!" For some of you it can be a major shock. Like anything else, take this information and knowledge in stages. If it took a lifetime for them to mold your reality for you, then you know that it may take longer than a day to fully awaken. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

8th Grader Puts Detroit City's Council Member Monica Conyers In Her Place

Watch video below and see how an eight grader let's "Maniac" Conyers know how childish she is.

This is an eight grader telling maniac conyers to act like an adult. She's sounds more mature and intelligent than this city council women. SMH!

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Funny picture of the day!

What a Dumb ass Cave Women!

Is HIV/AIDS Man Made Disease Or Man Made Hoax?

Was HIV/AIDS created to wipe out the black population or a hoax to control the black population and stop blacks from reproducing?

In a November 20, 2002 letter from the Office of the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, AIDS ORIGIN researcher, Boyd E. Graves, J.D. has been given sixty days to file suit in the U.S. federal court of his choosing."The people have forced the right to sue the United States over their "creation", "production" and "proliferation" of HIV/AIDS through the secret, federal virus development program, the U.S. Special (AIDS) Virus program (1948 - 1978)." said Graves. "The yearly progress reports of the secret program provide the irrefutable narrative proof of the linkage of experiment to the flowchart, "research logic" of the African Holocaust. This best explains how Black people account for 13% of the population and 50% of all new AIDS cases."

Where did AIDS come from?
Monkey meat riddled with SIV (TOM CLARKE)

(HIV’s ancestor common in African bushmeat) Nature Magazine 25 March 2002
In my continued quest to prove that HIV is a man-made laboratory disease ravaging Africa and Black and Latino communities, articles like the following confirm my suspicions of implantation for purposes of Black elimination on the face of this Earth. In the book White Whores and Black Whoremongers Chapter 3 - “America’s Auschwitz,” earlier studies claim that SIV is a forerunner to HIV.
It is ironic that people in certain African geographical areas, whose staple food source is monkey meat riddled with SIV, are now infected with HIV. White scientists who wanted to wipe out Blacks could have done it very easily by injecting the disease into animals knowing it would transfer to humans. That way they could never be blamed of purposely injecting humans outright.
According to the science magazine Nature more than one-fifth of the monkey meat sold in the markets of Cameroon is infected with HIV’s ancestor, SIV. The level and variety of simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) strains found highlights the risk of new HIV-like viruses entering humans via bushmeat claim the researchers.
The situation in Cameroon is typical of tropical Africa. The traditional bushmeat trade has boomed as roads have penetrated the jungles. Urban growth has boosted demand for rare delicacies, bringing more people into contact with SIV. Two distantly related strains of SIV have already jumped into humans. The two types of HIV - HIV-1 and HIV-2 - originated in chimpanzees and sooty mangabeys, respectively. “Viruses jump the species barrier all the time,” says Holmes.

The origin of the virus HIV-1, the main cause of the worldwide AIDS epidemic, has been a matter of debate ever since its discovery in 1983. Its origin in wild primates-the apes and monkeys-has long been accepted, but the question remained-which ones, and how could it have been transmitted? The first question is answered by a report in Nature: Beatrice H. Hahn of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama, USA, and colleagues [from the USA, France and the UK] provide the most persuasive evidence yet that HIV-1 entered the human population from the chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes, our nearest living relative.
From their analysis, it is now almost certain that HIV-1 entered the human population from chimpanzees of the subspecies Pan troglodytes, which lives in equatorial West Africa, in Cameroon, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, where the HIV-1 virus is thought, on other evidence, to have emerged in humans.
Chimpanzees, like many other primates, harbor simian immunodeficiency viruses (SIVs). These closely resemble HIV but appear to co-exist far more successfully with their animal hosts, pointing to an ancient association between virus and host. These SIVs are the most likely candidates for the virus “ancestors” of human HIVs. A source for the less common human immunodeficiency virus, HIV-2, in SIVs from the sooty mangabey monkey (Cercocebus atys) is already well established. Of all primate SIVs, chimpanzee SIVs most closely resemble HIV-1, and they had always been a possible candidate for its source. But until now, only three chimpanzee SIV strains had ever been identified, in a mere handful of animals, and the question of origin could not be resolved. This was partly because of the very low prevalence of SIV in wild chimpanzees, the wide genetic divergence of one of the chimpanzee SIVs from the others, and the presence of SIV-infected chimpanzees in parts of Africa outside the presumed regions where AIDS originated.

Three types of HIV-1 are found in humans, the strains M (the most common), O and N (which is known from just two patients in Cameroon). It is likely that each of these represents an independent transmission from chimpanzees to humans. Commenting on the work in an accompanying article in Nature, virologist Robin Weiss from the Windeyer Institute, University College London, and anthropologist Richard Wrangham from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, point out its implications for chimpanzee conservation and welfare. The greatest threat to the wild chimpanzee population in Africa is habitat destruction and hunting for food-bushmeat to feed logging camps and supply city restaurants.

1.Peeters, M. et al. Risk to human health from a plethora of simian immunodeficiency viruses in primate bushmeat. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 8, in the press (2002).

AIDS/HIV/AZT Controversy Scientists rejecting AIDS' conventional wisdom - The True Origins of AIDS and Ebola - GENOCIDE, AIDS and THE FDA - AZT Forced Treatment of Kids - Healing AIDS: no drugs Inventing the AIDS Virus
"AIDS is a cruel deception that is maintained because so many people are making money from it. Take away this money and the entire system of mythology will collapse." Charles Thomas, PhD · Former chair of the Cell Biology Department, Scripps Research Institute
A growing number of scientists world-wide have publicly denounced the total failure of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis, questioned the meaning of the "AIDS test", and criticized the use of AZT which has been proven to be a toxic poison that makes the patient sicker and is actually the cause of AIDS deaths. The group includes scientists such as Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1993 for inventing the polymerase chain reaction used to test for HIV. James DeMeo, Ph.D., Director of Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, and Peter H. Duesberg, Ph.D., a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley.

A problem with corporate c ontrolled mainstream media is that stifle information; they present one point of view, which becomes propaganda. They seem to be afraid of allowing the public equal access to other points of view. Alan Cantwell, MD - "The mixing of AIDS facts and fallacies has long been apparent to researchers like myself who are convinced that HIV did not come from Mother Nature and “species jumping,” but was most likely introduced via contaminated vaccine experiments exclusively targeting the Black African and the American Gay community

A well-credentialed scientist's hard-driving attack on the accepted view that AIDS is an infectious disease caused by HIV. Duesberg (Molecular biology/Univ. of Calif., Berkeley), an early researcher in the field of retroviruses, asserts that HIV, like virtually all retroviruses, is harmless. He finds that HIV meets none of the usual criteria (such as the six laws of virology) used to establish that a microbe causes disease. But if that is so, why do scientists persist in saying that AIDS is an epidemic caused by HIV? As Duesberg tells it, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention needed a serious epidemic to justify its continued existence, and by naming AIDS a single contagious disease, it created an atmosphere of public fear that brought it increased funding and power. The biomedical establishment took note. Having failed to find a viral cause of cancer, Duesberg says, virus hunters needed a new disease, and AIDS was it. The HIV-AIDS connection was then announced by Robert Gallo, head of a retrovirus lab at the National Cancer Institute, at a 1984 press conference rather than demonstrated in a peer- reviewed scientific paper. Further, Duesberg charges, the pharmaceutical companies exploited the situation by bringing back highly toxic failed cancer drugs, such as AZT, which, he says, destroys the immune system and causes AIDS-like symptoms. Duesberg cites other scientists who have questioned the HIV-AIDS hypothesis, among them several Nobel laureates, including Kary Mullis (for Chemistry), the author of this book's foreword. Duesberg's own theory is that AIDS is linked to the use of immunity-suppressing illicit drugs (such as crack and ``poppers''), and he urges investigation along these lines. One need not accept Duesberg's drug hypothesis, however, to be persuaded that the serious charges he makes deserve serious answers. A controversial book, certain to be met with strong resistance from the biomedical establishment.

Interviewed in this program are Dr. Peter Duesberg and Dr. Charles Thomas who initiated the group for Scientific Reappraisal of HIV, along with other experts. This video documentary stands to date as the best complete analysis of these issues in any video form. Much of the current controversy in South Africa and around the world over HIV as the cause of AIDS was initiated by the information presented in this video. This video has saved thousands of lives and is credited as being part of the HIV/AIDS dissident movement worldwide. This video explains how the fraud began, how it is perpetuated, and who profits ... all » by it. The program explains ten reasons why HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS, what the real causes could be, and why dangerous toxic drugs like AZT cause AIDS by prescription

Court rules HIV not proven to cause 'AIDS' - After years of claims by the AIDS establishment that a link between HIV and immune supression had been established a High Court found the claim without merit and a unfounded deception. This is the first legal trail of the HUV/AIDS hypothesis and a historic defeat for AID$ Inc. The document of the German Bundestag DS 12/8591 holds proof that the Bundestag had already known in 1994 that neither Montagnier (1983) nor Gallo (1984) had isolated any virus in connection with AIDS. Based on this the Bundestag safeguarded the persistent lie of the AIDS information campaign (RKI) from 9th March 1995 about the successful isolation of a virus in connection with AIDS. As a consequence of non-tolerating this lie and because of non-tolerating the deadly consequences of this lie, the trial took place on 15th January 2001.

Washington ( - The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, former long-time pastor to Sen. Barack Obama (D.Ill.), said at the National Press Club on Monday that he believes the U.S. government is "capable" of having invented HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, as a means of committing genocide against people of color.Wright's statement was a modification of the claim he made in an April 2003 sermon that the U.S. government had "lied" about inventing HIV as a means of perpetrating genocide."Based on the Tuskegee experiment and based on what has happened to Africans in this country, I believe our government is capable of doing anything," Wright said at the press club.(The Tuskegee experiment was a notorious study conducted by the U.S. Public Health Service in which a group of black men were not told they had syphilis and were denied treatment for 40 years, starting in 1932, so that researchers could study what the disease did to them. The secret study was terminated in 1972 after its existence was publicly reported.)Wright made the assertion about what he believed the United States was "capable of doing" on Monday when he was asked about what he had said about HIV in his controversial April 2003 sermon at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, where Obama is a member. "Governments lie," Wright said in that sermon. "The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color."At the press club, the moderator asked Wright: "In your sermon, you said the government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. So I ask you: Do you honestly believe your statement and those words?"Wright responded by first asking the moderator if she had ever read two books, one of which was "Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola" by Leonard Horowitz.According to a brief summary from that is posted on the Barnes and Noble Web site (where the volume is offered for sale), the book is "characteristic of a 'conspiracy genre.'"The author's "bias toward the theory that HIV was introduced into the general population by vaccine experiments conducted in New York City and Africa is apparent," says the summary. "He generalizes from this thesis that the AIDS epidemic may have been deliberately deployed as a genocide tactic as part of the CIA foreign policy activity in Central Africa.""I read different things," Wright explained at the press club. "As I said to my members, if you haven't read things, then you can't--based on this Tuskegee experiment and based on what has happened to Africans in this country, I believe our government is capable of doing anything.""In fact," said Wright, "one of the responses to what Saddam Hussein had in terms of biological warfare was a non-question, because all we had to do was check the sales records. We sold him those biological weapons that he was using against his own people.""So any time a government can put together biological warfare to kill people, and then get angry when those people use what we sold them, yes, I believe we are capable," he said.In a 1998 interview with National Public Radio, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Horowitz's theories about how HIV developed were "really not founded in reality.""The evolution of HIV, AIDS epidemic from an epidemiological, a molecular biological, and public health standpoint is really quite incompatible with those theories that are really rather far-fetched," said Fauci.

Check out the google video that exposes the Hiv/AIDS Fraud below.

Gas May Be $10 A Gallon In The US.

Get ready for another economic shock of major proportions — a virtual doubling of prices at the gas pump to as much as $10 a gallon.
That's the message from a couple of analytical energy industry trackers, both of whom, based on the surging oil prices, see considerably more pain at the pump than most drivers realize.
Gasoline nationally is in an accelerated upswing, having jumped to $3.58 a gallon from $3.50 in just the past week. In some parts of the country, including New York City and the West Coast, gas is already sporting a price tag above $4 a gallon. There was a pray-in at a Chevron station in San Francisco on Friday led by a minister asking God for cheaper gas, and an Arco gas station in San Mateo, Calif., has already raised its price to a sky-high $4.62.
In Manhattan, at a Mobil gas station at York Avenue and East 61st Street, premium gas is now $4.03 a gallon. Two days ago, it was $3.96. Why such a high price? "Blame the people at STOPEC (he meant OPEC) and the oil companies," an attendant there told me.
These increases are taking place before the all-important summer driving season, signaling even higher prices ahead.

Get ready for another economic shock of major proportions — a virtual doubling of prices at the gas pump to as much as $10 a gallon.
That's the message from a couple of analytical energy industry trackers, both of whom, based on the surging oil prices, see considerably more pain at the pump than most drivers realize.
Gasoline nationally is in an accelerated upswing, having jumped to $3.58 a gallon from $3.50 in just the past week. In some parts of the country, including New York City and the West Coast, gas is already sporting a price tag above $4 a gallon. There was a pray-in at a Chevron station in San Francisco on Friday led by a minister asking God for cheaper gas, and an Arco gas station in San Mateo, Calif., has already raised its price to a sky-high $4.62.
In Manhattan, at a Mobil gas station at York Avenue and East 61st Street, premium gas is now $4.03 a gallon. Two days ago, it was $3.96. Why such a high price? "Blame the people at STOPEC (he meant OPEC) and the oil companies," an attendant there told me.
These increases are taking place before the all-important summer driving season, signaling even higher prices ahead.
That's also the outlook of the Automobile Association of America. "As long as the price of crude oil stays above $100 a barrel, drivers will be forced to pay more and more at the gas pump," a AAA spokesman, Troy Green, said.
Oil recently hit an all-time high of nearly $120 a barrel, more than double its early 2007 price of about $50 a barrel. It closed Friday at $118.52.
The forecasts calling for a jump to between $7 and $10 a gallon are based on the view that the price of crude is on its way to $200 in two to three years.
Translating this price into dollars and cents at the gas pump, one of our forecasters, the chairman of Houston-based Dune Energy, Alan Gaines, sees gas rising to $7-$8 a gallon. The other, a commodities tracker at Weiss Research in Jupiter, Fla., Sean Brodrick, projects a range of $8 to $10 a gallon.
While $7-$10 a gallon would be ground-breaking in America, these prices would not be trendsetting internationally. For example, European drivers are already shelling out $9 a gallon (which includes a $2-a-gallon tax).
Canadians are also being hit with rising gas prices. They are paying the American-dollar equivalent of $4.92 a gallon, and they're being told to brace themselves for prices above $5.65 a gallon this summer.
Early last year, with a barrel of oil trading in the low $50s and gasoline nationally selling in a range of $2.30 to $2.50 a gallon, Mr. Gaines — in an impressive display of crystal ball gazing — accurately predicted oil was $100-bound and that gasoline would follow suit by reaching $4 a gallon.
His latest prediction of $200 oil is open to question, since it would undoubtedly create considerable global economic distress. Further, just about every energy expert I talk to cautions me to expect a sizable pullback in oil prices, maybe to between $50 and $70 a barrel, especially if there's a global economic slowdown.
While Mr. Gaines thinks there could be a temporary decline in the oil price, he's convinced an overall uptrend is unstoppable. In fact, he thinks his $200 forecast could be conservative, and that perhaps $250 could be reached. His reasoning: a combination of shrinking supply and increasing demand, especially from China, India, and America.
Mr. Brodrick's $200 oil forecast is largely predicated on a combination of pretty flat supply and rip-roaring demand. Other key catalysts include surging demand in China and India, where auto sales are booming, and major supply disruptions in Nigeria and also in Mexico, our second-largest source of oil imports, where oil production has fallen off a cliff.
More factors include the ever-present danger of additional supply disruptions from volatile countries in the Middle East that are not our allies, and the unwillingness of SUV-loving Americans to trim their unquenchable thirst for foreign oil. Likewise, for the first time, emerging markets this year will use more oil than America.
To Mr. Brodrick, it all adds up to an ongoing energy bull market. His favorite plays are the Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund ; United States Natural Gas Fund LP; Apache Corp.; Occidental Petroleum; Anadarko Petroleum, and Schlumberger.

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Funny picture of the day!

I know that's going to hurt!

US Won't 'Recover' For 2 Yrs - Canada Faces Crisis

Four days ago the Bank of Canada torpedoed its estimate for economic growth. The bank boss, Mark Carney, has changed his tune dramatically. The US will not recover for two years, he says.
Others aren’t so cheerful. Yake economist and real estate guru Robert Shiller says the American housing disaster is only half done. In fact, late last week the Canadian Real Estate Association shocked the industry by reporting house sales in Canada this year have fallen off a cliff. Around the entire world, there is nothing so devastating, far-reaching or destructive to wealth as a real estate meltdown. I can only imagine the effect on my street.
No wonder a new poll Sunday shows a majority of Canadians – for the first time in more than a decade – now worry we are sliding into recession. Over half of those surveyed say the Canadian government does not offer confidence or inspiration.
It’s hard to understate the importance of this, since the current government came to power promising competent economic management, lower taxes, trustworthy government, a better deal for families, and hope. Some two years later, families struggle with an identical personal income tax load, pay the highest energy prices in history, see job losses thanks to a runaway dollar and now worry about the value of their homes, where 80% of all net worth resides.
The fear is fear. Mounting fear of the times to come already has people second-guessing real estate purchases, which is why sales are down 22% in Toronto and 36% in Calgary. As sales drop off and sellers outnumber buyers, prices follow. And as housing values decline, so does the equity owners have – a serious issue with mortgage debt at the highest level in history, and the national savings rate at zero. After all, it was a real estate bust which made middle-class Americans feel stressed, which soon sank car sales, Bear Stearns and Home Depot earnings.
Does the Canadian minister of finance understand this?
Apparently not. If he did, he’d have cut income taxes, not consumption taxes. He’d not have approved 40-year mortgages, our own subprimes, in his first budget. He wouldn’t have talked up the dollar like a cheap sideshow barker. He would not have jacked federal spending to an unheard-of level, or squandered a $14 billion annual surplus.
I’ve said it here for months. The nuke waiting to go off is the housing market. The finger on the button’s attached to the minister.

Don't try this at home

Oh My! I'm not afraid of snakes,but that do look to good

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If It Wasn't Enough These Bastards Killed Her Fiance

But those fucking Fascist,Racist pigs had the nerve to call up Sean bell's fiance after the verdict and laugh.

April 27, 2008 -- The NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating a cruel prank call to the family of Sean Bell's fiancée that originated from the Manhattan offices of a prominent police union, The Post has learned.
"Ha, ha, ha," someone said in a 1:15 p.m. Friday phone call to the home of Nicole Bell's father Les Paultre, according to a police source.
The number for the Sergeants Benevolent Association came up on the caller ID.
"It was just horrible to get that phone call after coming back from the cemetery," said Nicole Bell.
Her father said, "The guy was taunting us, laughing. It was horrible because we had just come back from the court and the cemetery."
The president of the union, Edward Mullins, said, "If the accusations are true, we will deal with it."

Black folks if we let this slide. They're going to continue to do shiit like this. Sean bell could of been Me, or your brother,uncle,nephew or son. This shiit has to stop. Enough is enough. That's why I have little sympothy to Pigs/police when they get gunned down. No offense to the good cops out there,but most of these fuckers are nothing but criminals with badges. Let's give the NYPD a big F#*&$ You!!

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Not a good look of the week!

Cousin IT much?

The White Man: Mutant Mankind

Albinos: Why do whites seek to hide their origins?
Are whites the albino offspring of Black Africans? White skin is a form of albinism. It appears that whites have “come into being” through a number of ways: In The Isis Papers p123, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing states “whites are undoubtedly a genetic mutant albino population... from the original Black (hue-man) beings.” The story of ‘Snowflake’ dramatically illustrates how it is possible for whites to come into being from blacks: Born of coal black parents, this albino gorilla named “Snowflake” has platinum blond hair, white (pink) skin, and blue eyes! (National Geographic: Mar. 67, Oct. 70). Similarly in Panama, particularly among the San Blas Indians are albino natives that also have blond hair and blue eyes!

They are often indistinguishable from blond Northen Europeans! In the Bible, Edomites are whites that descended from an albino named Esau who was born ruddy (red) & hairy. (Gen. 25:25) The Bible refers to white skin as leprosy (Num. 12:10-12, Lev. 13) and reports that a race of people (Gahazites) was born white due to being cursed! (II Kings 5:27) Bible scholars credit Japheth (a son of Noah) as fathering a (Black) people who settled in the north, ultimately becoming the Caucasian Race.

Similarly, other scholars theorize that Africans who migrated to Europe and were caught in the Ice Age, gradually lightened until their genes mutated to adapt to the scant sunlight, thus producing a race of whites.

Interestingly, the ancient Egyptians recorded the Tamahu, which means created white people. Egyptian writings also refer to whites as Typhonians or People of Seth, both meaning “the devils.” After these “white devils” were first released into the Black community of the Near East 6000 years ago, they caused sever strife, thus the Africans rounded them up, stripped them of everything and exiled them to the caves and hills of the Caucasus Mountains. This explains the sudden appearance of white people in this region. To prevent their escaping Africans installed a series of guarded walls blocking all exits along that area from one sea to the other!

Thus “roping” them off (hence the word Europe). These walls have been witnessed and recorded by many European writers, including Pliny. Thus, totally cut off from civilization, the whites degenerated into uncivilized, nomadic savages. They remained this way for 2000 years until ‘Allah mercifully sent an Egyptian priest named Musa or Moses to civilize them.’

This explains the otherwise unknown reason why suddenly about 2000 B.C., vast hordes of these white barbarians left the Caucasus region and stormed all the (Black) centers of civilizations throughout Mesopotamia, the Near East, Africa and India, destroying and usurping them. Thus, the Whiteman’s arrival signaled destruction for all these civilizations and the beginning of the Whiteman’s rise to power.

Whites proclaim their origin is Greek. Whites can avoid confronting the true meaning of skin whiteness as a mutation and genetic deficiency state from the Black norm - the ‘hue-man’ norm’... Deep within the unconscious psyche of the white collective is an awareness; of their origin amongst Blacks, that Blacks were their parents and that they (whites) were the offspring of Blacks who suffered from the skin condition of Albinism.”

Scientists said yesterday that they have discovered a tiny genetic mutation that largely explains the first appearance of white skin in humans tens of thousands of years ago, a finding that helps solve one of biology's most enduring mysteries and illuminates one of humanity's greatest sources of strife.
The work suggests that the skin-whitening mutation occurred by chance in a single individual after the first human exodus from Africa, when all people were brown-skinned. That person's offspring apparently thrived as humans moved northward into what is now Europe, helping to give rise to the lightest of the world's races

Leaders of the study, at Penn State University, warned against interpreting the finding as a discovery of "the race gene." Race is a vaguely defined biological, social and political concept, they noted, and skin color is only part of what race is -- and is not.
In fact, several scientists said, the new work shows just how small a biological difference is reflected by skin color. The newly found mutation involves a change of just one letter of DNA code out of the 3.1 billion letters in the human genome -- the complete instructions for making a human being.
"It's a major finding in a very sensitive area," said Stephen Oppenheimer, an expert in anthropological genetics at Oxford University, who was not involved in the work. "Almost all the differences used to differentiate populations from around the world really are skin deep."
The work raises a raft of new questions -- not least of which is why white skin caught on so thoroughly in northern climes once it arose. Some scientists suggest that lighter skin offered a strong survival advantage for people who migrated out of Africa by boosting their levels of bone-strengthening vitamin D; others have posited that its novelty and showiness simply made it more attractive to those seeking mates.
The work also reveals for the first time that Asians owe their relatively light skin to different mutations. That means that light skin arose independently at least twice in human evolution, in each case affecting populations with the facial and other traits that today are commonly regarded as the hallmarks of Caucasian and Asian races.
Several sociologists and others said they feared that such revelations might wrongly overshadow the prevailing finding of genetics over the past 10 years: that the number of DNA differences between races is tiny compared with the range of genetic diversity found within any single racial group.
Even study leader Keith Cheng said he was at first uncomfortable talking about the new work, fearing that the finding of such a clear genetic difference between people of African and European ancestries might reawaken discredited assertions of other purported inborn differences between races -- the most long-standing and inflammatory of those being intelligence.
"I think human beings are extremely insecure and look to visual cues of sameness to feel better, and people will do bad things to people who look different," Cheng said.
The discovery, described in today's issue of the journal Science, was an unexpected outgrowth of studies Cheng and his colleagues were conducting on inch-long zebra fish, which are popular research tools for geneticists and developmental biologists. Having identified a gene that, when mutated, interferes with its ability to make its characteristic black stripes, the team scanned human DNA databases to see if a similar gene resides in people.
To their surprise, they found virtually identical pigment-building genes in humans, chickens, dogs, cows and many others species, an indication of its biological value.

They got a bigger surprise when they looked in a new database comparing the genomes of four of the world's major racial groups. That showed that whites with northern and western European ancestry have a mutated version of the gene.
Skin color is a reflection of the amount and distribution of the pigment melanin, which in humans protects against damaging ultraviolet rays but in other species is also used for camouflage or other purposes. The mutation that deprives zebra fish of their stripes blocks the creation of a protein whose job is to move charged atoms across cell membranes, an obscure process that is crucial to the accumulation of melanin inside cells.

Humans of European descent, Cheng's team found, bear a slightly different mutation that hobbles the same protein with similar effect. The defect does not affect melanin deposition in other parts of the body, including the hair and eyes, whose tints are under the control of other genes.
A few genes have previously been associated with human pigment disorders -- most notably those that, when mutated, lead to albinism, an extreme form of pigment loss. But the newly found glitch is the first found to play a role in the formation of "normal" white skin. The Penn State team calculates that the gene, known as slc24a5, is responsible for about one-third of the pigment loss that made black skin white. A few other as-yet-unidentified mutated genes apparently account for the rest.
Although precise dating is impossible, several scientists speculated on the basis of its spread and variation that the mutation arose between 20,000 and 50,000 years ago. That would be consistent with research showing that a wave of ancestral humans migrated northward and eastward out of Africa about 50,000 years ago.
Unlike most mutations, this one quickly overwhelmed its ancestral version, at least in Europe, suggesting it had a real benefit. Many scientists suspect that benefit has to do with vitamin D, made in the body with the help of sunlight and critical to proper bone development.
Sun intensity is great enough in equatorial regions that the vitamin can still be made in dark-skinned people despite the ultraviolet shielding effects of melanin. In the north, where sunlight is less intense and cold weather demands that more clothing be worn, melanin's ultraviolet shielding became a liability, the thinking goes.
Today that solar requirement is largely irrelevant because many foods are supplemented with vitamin D.
Some scientists said they suspect that white skin's rapid rise to genetic dominance may also be the product of "sexual selection," a phenomenon of evolutionary biology in which almost any new and showy trait in a healthy individual can become highly prized by those seeking mates, perhaps because it provides evidence of genetic innovativeness.
Cheng and co-worker Victor A. Canfield said their discovery could have practical spinoffs. A gene so crucial to the buildup of melanin in the skin might be a good target for new drugs against melanoma, for example, a cancer of melanin cells in which slc24a5 works overtime.
But they and others agreed that, for better or worse, the finding's most immediate impact may be an escalating debate about the meaning of race.
Recent revelations that all people are more than 99.9 percent genetically identical has proved that race has almost no biological validity. Yet geneticists' claims that race is a phony construct have not rung true to many nonscientists -- and understandably so, said Vivian Ota Wang of the National Human Genome Research Institute in Bethesda.
"You may tell people that race isn't real and doesn't matter, but they can't catch a cab," Ota Wang said. "So unless we take that into account it makes us sound

Why Do we always see Whites As A Cave Man? You got The flintstones,George of the jungle,Tarzan,Encino Man,Geico Commercial Cave Men and The evolution picture.

WHAT IS THE ORIGIN OF YT?To get biblical on you again, if you read Genesis 1:26, it say's, "Let Us make man in Our image..." Who is 'Us'?!!? Is that not in plural form?! The bible never says that Adam was the first man and never says that he was good. In fact, Adam was the first who sinned. It was through Adam where sin entered the world. In the 14th century, Tomas Scoto, a spanish monk wrote a book talking of this. He wrote, "There were men before Adam and Adam was made by those men." It must also be noted that he was executed for displaying such truth to the people. If you read the Holy Qu'ran 2:28, it talks about the Angels warning that the arrival of Adam would only "cause mischief and cause the shedding of blood."
We also were never told that Adam and Eve represented a group of people; they were not singular. The word, Adam, was originally written Adham, and is plural for male and female. This word stems from the hebrew root 'dm, which means reddish or ruddy in color. When you look up the word ruddy, we get the definition, "pink colored or reddish". Because Adham lacked melanin (skin color), his blood showed through his skin. Adham was the first albino. This is where we start building: Adham and Edom both mean red. Edom was another name for Esau, the twin brother of Jacob, or as muslims know him as Yakub.
WHO WAS JACOB (YAKUB)?In Genesis 25:22, we read of Jacob and Esau struggling with each other in Rebecca's womb. We must note that the story of Jacob and that of Yakub is very one-in-the-same. When Jacob(Yakub) was 6, while playing with 2 piece of a magnet, he discovered that opposite poles attract and the like poles repelled. He later drew the hypothesis that unalike attracted alike. He then swore that he would make a race of people, who would be unalike, and teach them how to rule the alike (Gen. 30:35). At 18, he mastered all the sciences and realized 30% of the Nile Valley people were dissatisfied. He put together a plan where the 30% would benefit. He became so influential, that the pharaoh had him put in jail for potential disruption of what was the original(natural) way of life. But that didn't stop him. In jail he took his theories and recruited more believer's. The pharaoh, getting word of this, met with Jacob and asked what could he do to appease him. The pharaoh ended up granting him the island of Pelan (or Patmos) in the Aegan sea. The Aegan sea is above the Mediterranean sea between Greece and Turkey. Jacob took, along with him, 59,999 follower's and settled on the island of Pelan. One the island, he became the ruler and set up birth control laws. Marriage was based on how light the skin was. At the same time, he ordered all dark-skinned babies born to be killed at once. He lied to the mother's telling them the babies were angels from heaven and needed to be sacrificed so that they may prepare a place in heaven for them. While, on the other hand, the mother's of the lighter-skinned babies were told to take good care for their children. They were instructed to educate them so that one day they would be a great people. This process of elimination was referred to as "the grafting process". Common sense would tell you that annihilating all black babies to where there are only light-skinned babies, and they grow up and have children of their own, that their child would not come out as a dark baby. That is because you cannot get a dark color unless you merge it with a dark color. If there are no dark colors in existence, the color will, over time, turn lighter and lighter, generation after generation.
Jacob, or Yakub, lived to be 150 years old, but his grafting process lasted 600 years (Gen. 31:41). At the end of 600 years, the once, melanated, dark complexioned Afrikan from the Nile Valley was a weak boned, reddish, pale faced race. These devils then returned to the Nile Valley and cried unto the original black-faced people, claiming to be their descendants who had been badly mutated. The originals, having 360 degrees positivity and knowing no negative, took the beast in giving them food, clothing, and shelter.
Some 6 months later, the visitor's started causing mischief. They started with tricknology. Spreading lies, pitting original against original, caused them to fight and start killing each other. This is an ancient version of black-on-black crime; which was and still is, instigated by someone who isn't black! It must also be noted that historians can recall that around this same time, nearly 6000 years ago, disruption began in ancient KMT. The originals could not understand why they could not reestablish peace so they consulted the pharaoh. The pharaoh told them who was the root of their problem. It was the pale-faced devils.
The pharaoh instructed the originals to round up the devils (Gen. 3:24), strip them of their clothes, put an apron on them to hide their nakedness, take all literature from them, and make them walk across the Sahara desert (2200 miles) to the caucus mountains. They were instructed to not allow them to look back. As they walked across the desert, the originals rode on camels. If anyone looked back, or tried to escape, they were killed instantly. If they were able to cross the desert alive, they were left to live in the caucus mountains (is that not where the world 'caucasian' comes from? -- think Afrikan, it ain't that hard!). They were sentenced to live there for 2000 years. This is also synonymous with Adham and Eve being exiled from the garden of Eden, which is in ancient KMT. It wasn't necessarily the apple the made them evil, they were from the beginning. They were instructed to watch the garden and never eat from the tree of life, the tree of life is symbolic for knowledge, not food for your stomach, but food for your spiritual development, which they were incapable of doing!
To ensure they would not escape, or return to the Nile Valley, they were "roped" inside this area, which is where we get Europe and European from. There was a great wall built, 666 miles in circumference, around the roped in area where these devils dwelled for the next 2000 years. Sentinels (same name used for the huge robots on X-Men, but that's anutha story), were placed along the wall to guard them and keep them from paradise.
By being cut off from civilization, and led into the cold, wild, and uncultivated mountains of the northern hemisphere, these devils soon lost their knowledge of KMT. They went through a physical and psychological change. They lost the concept of God, they eventually lost their tongue and began grunting, the only life they could imitate was that of the beasts that roamed the land. They soon began to act like these beasts, lay with these beasts, and develop the psyche of an animal. That's where we get to terminology "survival of the fittest". At the same time, the environment had a huge impact on them. They were already pale-skinned. They became even more pale because of the lack of light and heat from the sun. This is where their lips became thinner. This is where their hair began to change from kinky to long and straight. This is where their noses became longer so that the nostrils could warm the air before it entered the lungs. The hair grew to cover up the body so that they could be warmer (ever see the amount of hair that grows on their backs?) This can also be linked to them practicing beastiality (sexin' it up with animals). Could this be where we get doggy-style? Anywayz, back to the disses; this is where their shapes when through a physical change; where their butts shrank and went inward because of them walking on all fours. That's probably why they don't have asses and got humps in their backs! Some of this may seem raw, but think about it. We are different; although we made them!
The survival tactics changed. Think about it. If you, and a whole bunch of others were starvin', plus you crazy cold, and you come upon some food you saw some wolves devouring, you'd probably end up fighting, and possibly killing each other before you would go for the food. Why? 'Cause that's how animals act. They don't share, 'cause they don't know when the next meal is comin'! These devils lived in caves, trees, and trenches. The trenches were holes they dug up and used as shelter. They would use their body waste (sh*t) to seal up the holes because the steam from the sh*t would warm the hole -- although the smell I know I couldn't bear. But then again, they didn't wash -- it was too cold to, plus they lost the knowledge of civilization. They also started eating raw, unseasoned flesh, because they lost the knowledge of fire. You see, Afrikan when they talk about people coming from apes and living in caves, they're correct. Except we must know that it doesn't include us! This was the sentence the Gods (originals) gave the devil for being what he is...not original!
However, there came a time when a man by the name of Musa (or Moses) left KMT and came to this land to "civilize" these devils. He taught them how to live respectful lives, how to build a home, and some forgotten tricknowledge their father, Jacob (Yakub), gave them. The forgotten tricknowledge consisted of 1)Devilishment; 2)Telling lies; 3)Stealing and; 4)How to master toe original man. It was Moses who taught the devil to wage war against us! He is also greatly responsible for the demise of ancient KMT. Christianity wants you to believe Moses was good. But due to his "good" work, the children of these devils, came back to KMT as the persians, romans, greeks, and now modern euro's/caucasian's and currently have been on a rampant move to destruct the original wo/man and the earth!
This brings us to the here and now. We all know that YT despises us, yet wants to be us! We know this because you can go to any vitamin store and see the increasingly popular sale of a new product called "Melatonin"! What is the root of the word? Melanin. It is what gives us our skin complexion. It is also responsible for the rhythmic affiliation we have with The Supreme Being/Creator, The Universe, and Life itself. We must understand that this is a war based on good vs. evil, black vs. white, and melanin vs. melanin-less. You can also see the infatuation with blackness that YT has. The need to get a tan bears confirmation to this fact. The fact they've taken rock-n-roll, blues, jazz, and are trying to take hip hop bears truth. The fact that a woman's ideal man is, "tall, DARK, and handsome" bears truth. The fact that racism and white supremacy exists bears truth. We must understand that dating back to the first time we dealt with YT they tried to take. We welcomed them back into KMT, feeling sorry for their being grafted, and what did they do? They always will come to us as peaceful, loving people at first, but behind our backs they are the barbarous, unbalanced, heathenish devils their foreparents were. WAKE UP AFRIKAN!! WE ALL ARE BEING HELD DOWN AND KEPT AWAY FROM OUR RICH HISTORY AND KNOWLEDGE OF THE PAST; AND WE'RE BEING HELD DOWN BY THE SAME DEVIL THAT CAME FROM THE CAVES HE WAS ROPED IN NEARLY 4000 YEARS AGO!
The devil knows his time is up. He was given a chance to walk the earth for 6000 years and try to take the original people away from their God complex. He has done so by using white religion (you call christianity, catholicism, and islam) to have you believe that we are all one, including YT. It is time we begin to seek the truth ourselves, AND YOU WILL NOT FIND IT IN A CHURCH!!
YT can never attain a God complex and he knows it. YT knows that we are god. That is why they tried to destroy everything in KMT and stole our arts and sciences. That is why they brought us over there to build their nation. The leaders of The New World Order know we are God. That is why they are trying to genetically merge with melanated people (Biochip technology). Knowing that we are God, they also know that they are not. Yet, still they want to be. They are trying to be, but their genetic makeup only allows them to be the opposite of good. That is why he tries to do it artificially. That does not mean we should have pity on the devil. We've been doing that for almost 6000 years and, instead, we are the ones who die spiritually and physically from it. That is why they are selling melatonin. That is why they think they understand our music -- that is also why they are trying to take anutha music art form, reggae. Everything they do is artificial. They artificially think they got the holy ghost, they artificially think they are of The Creator, they artificially think they can dance, and artificially think they are going to bring the original wo/man down with them to hell.
As we draw near the ended contract of the devil, know that he is not going without a fight. He will try to kill everyone on the planet if he can. I suggest reading the article about the future, also in this month's issue, to get a more in-depth base of what's going on in the very near present(future). The revolution may happen within our lifetime bruthaz and sistaz. Why sleep and do nothin'? This is the day of a new awakening where Afrikans will no longer let other's dictate to us what we should and should not know. The knowledge is out there, you just gotta dig for it. Remember, "Knowledge of Self Can Only Be Found Undaground!" Besides, who's side are you on, the Huemans or Mutants?!

Whites are also the most susceptible to kidney stones composed of calcium oxylate. It is a well known fact that the sun causes skin cancer in White people more than any other people on this Earth, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that the sun also sterilizes Whites. The lack of melanin or pigment leaves Whites vulnerable to photolysis. The decomposition of folate or folic acid in the blood levels is critical for cell replication and reproduction. This is the real reason behind the low Caucasian birthrates. The experienced problems with fertility are not behavioral but biological one that cannot seem to be controlled. The foliate levels plummet by up to 50% when exposed to solar radiation, and even in the radiation in tanning salons. The genetically deficient genes give ABSOLUTELY NO benefit in nature, in tropical, temperament climates OR northern cold climates.
Everything we have been led to believe is a myth. It has become so dogmatic that many people subconsciously try to refute this instinctively because it does not coincide with the indoctrination that permeates thought processes so deeply. Since Caucasians cannot reproduce genetic material (melanin), they could not have spawned humanity. Because the sun sterilizes and is sending Whites on a course toward extinction, they will not survive independently for very long without people of color depositing their genetic material to make their cell replication and reproduction more feasible. Caucasians are becoming extinct in Europe just like everywhere else on the planet showing NON-ADAPTATION. White gene DNA cannot be traced back as far as their genetic parents, BLACK AFRICANS! The result is sufficient evidence for their not being the progenitors of humanity or civilization. The deficient genes simply will not last that long in the presence of a majority black/brown people. Their birthrates globally are below replacement levels, and even if they didn’t have to worry about being bred out of existence by black/brown genes, their numbers would still dwindle because of victimization by photolysis.
White people like to think that they have invented everything that we take for granted in this epoch. The truth of the matter is, Caucasians have only REDISCOVERED the many inventions of OUR BLACK ancestors did deep in antiquity. It is quickly becoming common knowledge that the ancient Egyptians were Black Africans. Menes who is credited with being the founder of Pharonic Egypt and for unifying both lower (northern) and upper (southern) Egypt, is preceded by thousands of years of kings that are not taken into account in ancient history. If you will recall Egypt did not have a linear progressive history where they started off primitive and progressed to their advanced state. They started off ADVANCED. Ancient Egypt is the continuation or satellite colony of an even older and fabulous super civilization. There are many ruins and pieces of evidence from Atlantis. Not only Plato’s account but the megalithic ruins that the United States government is fully aware of off the coast of Bimini. These have to be the remains of an ancient BLACK civilization. Although the library at Alexandria was destroyed by fire as well as knowledge centers in other locations, the ancient Indian texts from the Ramayana empire still exists and gives credence to the fact that viminas (ancient Indian flying machines) are a reality and not a figment of anyone’s imagination. The inhabitants of the ancient Rama Empire are the ancestors of the black Dravidians or “untouchables” (Dalits) of India today. Written in the ancient language of Sanskrit, the text gives marvelous accounts of fantastic wars fought here on this planet as well in outer space by these ancient flying machines that utilized mercury vortex propulsion. It is also a carefully guarded secret that many of the UFO sightings of today are actually the ancient viminas of great antiquity being concealed by the United States and other world governments or reconstructions of those ancient aircraft. As I said earlier, these are inventions that White people have only REDISCOVERED and cannot take proper credit.
A major lie that the United States wants to keep alive for ego purposes is that man walked on the moon with the Apollo moon landings of the late sixties and early seventies. This is one of the greatest deceptions in the history of the world. Man (White) has NEVER walked on the moon or has he even come close. There are many ways to prove to you that the moon landings were fraudulent. One of my favorite ways of discerning this is the picture of the footprints left in the lunar soil. If you stop and think about it, how can this be? For there to be footprints in the soil there must be moisture as a bonding agent and the moon is a vacuum with no atmosphere to hold moisture, therefore, there could NOT be any REAL footprints on the moon. Many people lack the scientific background to realize this and ignorantly accept whatever is spoon-fed them by NASA and the United States Government. Many people are coming to the realization that the whole thing was a fraud, but it is important for White people’s egos that EVERYBODY believes this passionately and defend this crap as a means of “national pride”. That’s not to say that there are not structures up there. Various reliable sources tell of obelisk shaped structures on the moon along with something that resembles an ancient aircraft runway. Someone has been there, but it wasn’t any White men of today. I don’t think they were little green men from Mars either. The structures that are up there resemble ancient Egyptian artifacts and being that, that was a Black civilization as well as Atlantis, it would make perfect sense that it was BLACK AFRICANS during the golden age that accomplished this feat. What is the golden age, you ask?
When man has reached his Zenith! The ancient Egyptians have hieroglyphic text that speak of something called the “golden time” back in the days of Atlantis before it’s destruction. The Bible says that there have been many destructions of mankind, and therefore had to be many golden ages. Every time a major catastrophe occurs, we are knocked back into the stone ages to start over. We are still starting over from the destruction of Atlantis and have not yet regained that Zenith of technology that the Atlanteans, Lemurians and Lemanians enjoyed long ago. We still have to track toward the next golden age. One thing we can feel rest assured about though, by the time we get there, white people with their recessive genes won’t be there. Just like they did not exist in the context that we understand them today, in the last golden age.
It has been said that there are megalithic ruins and remains on the surface of Mars. The Zulus of South Africa as well as many other African tribes have legends that speak of their origins being from Mars. Could it be that it was OUR Black African ancestors who were responsible for that civilization that once thrived on the now debunked red planet? Evidence points in that direction. It has been discussed within various circles of Astrophysicists that Mars was once a moon of another planet now destroyed. The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is widely believed to be the remains of Mars’ parent planet. Referred to as Planet X. Tom Van Flandern has a very convincing “exploded planet hypothesis” that cannot be easily refuted by many scientists of today. If this and many of the other points I have brought forward in this essay are disseminated widely, that could force history as we know it to be rewritten.
There is information out there that could put world history into its proper perspective. However, the release of this information would be dangerous for White people. People have thrived on ignorance and fallacy and strive to keep the world in a deep sleep. Many are waking up from that deep sleep to understand what the United States Government and the Smithsonian Institute--the catalysts in maintaining widespread ignorance are trying to perpetuate. We must take it upon ourselves to learn what White people don’t want us to understand!

Remember when the astranaunt said one giant step for man and bigger one for MANKIND!!

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