Monday, December 1, 2008

National HIV/AIDS fraud day!

The very author of the first genetic map of retrovirus, professor Peter Duesberg from Berkeley University in California, a top expert in retrovirus, denouces that the AIDS theory is a scam and that retrovirus like HIV are harmless. Other world top scientific authorities in virology like Rubin and Strohman state the same and other even say the phantasmagoric HIV doesn't exist. AIDS is a religion for dumbs made by dumbs and broadcasted by dumbs...and believed by dumbs very dumbs the dumbests.

Dr. Luc Montagnier

(Virologist and alleged discoverer of the supposed HIV at the Pasteur Institute in Paris): "There are too many defficiencies in the theory about HIV as the cause of all the signs related to AIDS".

Dr. Kary B. Mullis

(Chemistry Nobel Prize in 1993 by inventing the PCR technique): "We couldn't find any good reason for which most people on Earth believes AIDS is a disease caused by a virus called HIV. Simply there is no scientific evidence somewhere that demonstrates that this is true".

Dr. Heinrich Kremer

(Chief Doctor of Clinic for young drugdependency in Berlin): “HIV is a virus which its genetic substance and proteins nobody has been able to isolate, therefore it doesn't exist. Thus it is just a - Label - that Big Pharma has wisely profited from it for an unjustified social fear.

Dr. Peter Duesberg

(retrovirólogo, candidato al Nóbel por su trabajo sobre oncogenes en virus y profesor de Biología Molecular y Celular de la Universidad de Berkeley, California): “El VIH es un virus inocuo e inofensivo como miles de virus más y no es la causa del SIDA".

Dra. Papadopoulos-Eleopulos

(bióloga del Royal Perth Hospital de Australia): “Las pruebas diagnósticas del SIDA no son reproducibles en laboratorio, por tanto nadie debería ser diagnosticado de SIDA“. Publicó en la revista Continuun, un ofrecimiento de 1000 libras a cualquiera que pudiera probar que el VIH ha sido aislado.

Dr. Stefan Lanka

(German virologist and genetist): "The AIDS virus doesn't exist".

Dr. Roberto S. Root-Bernstein-Bernstein

(Physiologist professor at the University of Michigan): "We have to reframe all the theory of AIDS because it doesn't sustain on any valid scientfic column".

Dr. Roger Cunningham

(Immunologist, microbiologist and director of Ernst Witsky Center at the University of New York State in Buffalo): "It seems to have formed a dirigent class that pretends to discourage all scientists that defies the AIDS dogma and insist in discredit any ideas from people who doesn't agree with such Dogma".

Prof. Richard Strohman

(Cellular Biology Professor at the University of California in Berkeley): "In ancient times it was mandatory that a scientist proved that his hypothesis was correct. Nowadays there is not such thing in the HIV-AIDS standard program, despite all its billions of dollars".

Dr. Serge Lang

(Mathematics Professor at the University of Yale): "I do not believe there is a causal relationship between HIV and any other known disease. I have seen a considerable number of statistics very misleading about HIV and AIDS that have been considered as scientifical. The heads of the scientific dirigent class have joined unfortunately, if not irresponsibly, to the mass media outlets spreading wrong information regarding to the nature of AIDS".

Dr. Harry Rubin

(Professor of Cellular and Molecular Biology of University of California in Berkeley): "It has not been proved that AIDS is caused by the infection of HIV".

Dr. Steven Jonas

(Preventive Medicine Professor from Suny Stony Brook, NY): "Evidences that the original theory of HIV is wrong are accumulating rapidly".

Dr. Harvey Bialy

(Molecular Biologist and Editor of Biotechnology): "HIV is an ordinary retrovirus. It is not true that this virus be special. All that is discovered about HIV has an analogue in other retroviruses that do not cause AIDS. HIV contains too little genetic information and there is not a way that can be made all theses elaborated things they say it does".

Dr. Gordon Stewart

(Professor of Public Health at the University of Glasgow): "AIDS is a multifactorial and conductivist disease caused by simultaneous tensions over the immune system like drugs, diseases of sexual transmission and multiple viral infections".

Dr. Charles Thomas

(Professor of Biochemistry at the Universities of Harvard and John Hopkins): "The HIV dogma that causes AIDS is the biggest and perhaps morally the most destructive fraud ever perpetrated in the western world".

Dr. Joseph Sonnabend

(Doctor from New York and founder of the American Foundation for the Investigation of AIDS - AmFAR -): "The commercialization of HIV through press releases and declarations, like a killer virus that causes HIV without the need the factors, have distorded both the research and the treatment, that has been able to cause thousands of people to suffer and die".

Dr. Etienne de Harven

(Professor of Pathology at the University of Toronto): "Dominated by the media outlets, by the pressure of special groups and the interests of pharmaceutical companies, the efforts established to control the disease have lost contact with the close revision and open mind of the medical science, since the never proven theory of HIV/AIDS received 100% of research funds, while all the other hypotheses were ignored".

Dr. Bernard Forscher

(Former editor of the U.S. Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences): "The HIV/DOGMA is a scam that has become a fraud".

Medical-Scientifica Group Pro Reframing of AIDS: More than 10,000 professional scientists from around the worlds and all areas (virologists, epidemologists, molecular biologists, doctors from different specialities, mathematics and of course all the supposed affected by AIDS, lawyers, journalists and activists from numerous independent organizations in many countries), that by extension will make this work a truly phone guide, all these people disagree with the official theory about AIDS.

AIDS is an eugenesic theory without any support in reality and science to intill fear and ask for your money to have you forever terrified with the sexual transmission

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