Friday, January 9, 2009

Shooting of unarmed man by officer sparks anger in California town

OAKLAND, Calif. - Police in the San Francisco Bay area say they have arrested at least 15 people after violence erupted during protests over the transit police shooting of an unarmed man at a train station.

A few hundred people took to the streets of Oakland to call for criminal charges against Bay Area Rapid Transit Officer Johannes Mehserle.

Mehserle resigned shortly before he was supposed to be interviewed by investigators yesterday.

Mehserle is accused of shooting a man who was lying face-down on a BART station platform early New Year's Day.

Downtown, protesters tried to overturn a police car, smashed store windows and set fire to a car. Police in riot gear threw tear gas into the crowd to try and break up the demonstration.

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums urged the crowd not to "make this tragedy an excuse to engage in violence."

If the greeks can do then we can do it!

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