Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Everything Is Energy With The Same Math.

"On the topic of how the sun induces energy from the solar system does it have anything to do with magnetic vortex's. You said things tend to move in circles which made me think of a discovery channel type show I watched years ago about vortex's. It said something to the effect that vortexs influence everything in the universe. I didn't grasp it then but that would make sense now. The rotation of the sun causes a +ve vortex surrounded by a corresponding -ve vortex. The -ve vortex is what induces the rotation of the planets and the flow of energy towards the hub or sun. If this is way off moran thinking don't hesitate to let me know, the donations already on the way." -- emailer

the way *I* explain science to the fans is to equate it to society. I feel society is EASIER for people to understand vs numbers and objects. Since all natural laws apply, it is easy to draw the parallel between the social sciences and the natural or universal sciences. For instance - if you realize that a company boss/leader/politician INDUCES his subjects (rather than forcing them to work/obey him) then it is SIMPLE to see that ALL matter in the universe including our SUN follows the same principle in order to recieve POWER. "MATH IS UNIVERSIAL" - I have begun to get your feet wet in these subjects to see if you morans can handle it - with good feedback/interest I will go further. But for now realize my methodology: The rules and phenomena of social science apply to universial science and vice versa - again ''math is UNIVERSAL"..... the OWNER of a company is the PROTON, the manager of the company is the NEUTRON, and the worker(s) are the ELECTRON(s)


the OWNER of a company is the QUEEN BEE, the manager of the company is the DRONE BEE, and the worker(s) are the WORKER BEE(s)

Everything is the SAME math, from the structure of an atom to the make up of the universe.

The queen/owner induces herworkers via her drones who serve as 'reinforcers of the culture of the hive', and the workers are induced via a circular (short cut/fantasy) coiled inducer.
) use the hivean method of understanding natures laws by applying social laws to the universe and vice versa ''math is universal''

2) all power is induced, never forced

3) power is induced by fantasy

4) 'fantasy' to natural things is a SHORTCUT, which in nature are CIRCLES or CYCLES

5) the inducer is always in the center and the energy is always rotating around it

Next I will get into HOW cirlcles and cycles tend to induce things AND why ROTATION along with revolution is necessary for the induction to work

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