Friday, April 16, 2010

What Is Going On With Our Planet?

Recently our planet has been experiencing some crazy ish. Summers seem to be short sighs @ (Global Warming) and Winters now seem to be extremely cold and bitter, but that's just the least of our concerns. Since the planet has had the big 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. Other earthquakes and natural or man made "coughs" HAARP disasters have been occurring all around the Globe and this doesn't seem normal, well not in my lifetime have I've never experienced so many Catastrophic events One after another!! Like recently a Volcano erupted in Iceland and over in Indian they had a Cycloon that killed over eighty people and the recent earthquake in China that killed over 400 people. What's up with our planet? Maybe is just me paying more attention to all these disasters or the yr 2012 doesn't seem farfetch and nature seems to off balance.

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