Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh shiit!

Oil Hurricane
The tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico is intensifying and will become a hurricane soon. The wind and rain and cyclonic flow will most likely pick up and push the oil on the surface of the water and drop it as rain on land.

The oil is extremely toxic. Just touching it or breathing in the fumes could be deadly. The storm, after it pushes inland over Texas, will head north over the Plains States, with possible oily and methane-laced rain. Crops and animals are in danger, not to mention people.

The damage done form such an event could affect crops for decades to come. When it seeps into ground water, that will affect everything!

In addition, wave action will be pushing the oil to Florida. This is only the first storm in what is predicted to be an intense hurricane season.

The Russians Are Coming!
The arrest in NY of the 11 Russian spies this week is something out of a 1970s spy novel. Here are seemingly every day people in ordinary lives who are working as agents for the Russian government.

It is also interesting that this occurred as former President Clinton was in Moscow meeting with Russian leaders and having talks on cooperation between the two countries.

It brought up for me a rumor I heard not too long ago that President Obama was a Russian plant, plotted long ago by the KGB to take over the US.

There is a well-known Soviet plan called the "39th Move". In it, the Russians take over the world without firing a single shot. The 38th move is the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the public fall of Communism. Then, they take over behind the scenes politically and by using pulse weapons.

These "spies" who were arrested do not seem high level. They appear to be politically motivated individuals with personal issues. I don't think they were up to any deep espionage. US corporations are more involved in that with your lives!

June 29, 2010

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