Saturday, August 14, 2010

Are the authorities trying to down play the Flint serial killer murders?

The Israeli man believed to be responsible for stabbing 18 people in three states (15 of whom were black) has been officially charged with attempted murder in at least one case and is expected to be hit with more charges very soon.
Israeli national Elias Abuelazam was detained by officers in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday before he could board a flight to Tel Aviv.

The 33-year-old faces a charge of attempted murder for a July 27 knife attack in Flint, Michigan, that put the victim in hospital.

But Abuelazam is wanted in connection with a spate of violent attacks across three US states – including five stabbing murders.

Authorities have said more charges are expected in Michigan, along with Ohio and Virginia.

Following his arrest the US resident appeared in an Atlanta court, where he said he wanted to stay in Georgia to face the charges against him.

But Judge Richard Hicks said he would have to return to Michigan if he wanted to fight them.

Abuelazam then agreed not to delay the process.

Meanwhile, there were reports that police in Israel suspected Abuelazam of a stabbing attack in Israel earlier this year – but he was never charged.

He is thought to have knifed an acquaintance during an argument, but the case was dropped when the victim refused to help investigators.

Abuelazam’s relatives in Israel expressed shock that he was suspected of such violence.

His 49-year-old cousin, also named Elias Abuelazam, said: “I wouldn’t believe it even if I saw it with my own eyes.”

He described his relative as recently appeared to be unhappy and unsure what to do with his life: “He seemed confused,” Mr Abuelazam added.

The suspect’s mother was said to be devastated by news of his arrest, as she had been waiting to pick him up from the airport.

“She couldn’t stand up … She was hysterical,” Abuelazam’s cousin said.

In a brief radio interview in Israel, she described her son as a “religious, God-fearing man” and refused to believe he was a killer.

Back in the US, authorities were trying to play down earlier suggestions the attacks Abuelazam’s was suspected of were racial motivated.

WTF do they mean authorities are trying to play down the attacks being racially motivated??? A white man stabs up 15 black men, but now it’s not about race.


This m’fer needs to be hit with FEDERAL HATE CRIME charges on top of all the other MURDER and ATTEMPTED MURDER charges that need to be filed NOW. WTF is taking so long?

SMH… Not racially motivated our a$$!

Sheeeeeeet, then again this maniac probably just knew if he was killing black folks, law enforcement wouldn’t give a fizzuck.

On a sidenote, we do feel bad for this guys cousin — it’s gotta SUCK to be stuck with the same name as him after this. Air travel is gonna be no fun for him anymore

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