Thursday, August 26, 2010

Naked white guy gets what he deserved

This is more proof on how they stick together no matter how wrong they are. I bet if he was in a suburban neighborhood around other white children they would of called the police on him and he would of got convicted of being a sex offender. A pig gave me a ticket for uirinating outside and when I went to court they told me not to do that again or i'll be register as a sex offender.the lil white girl wit her innocent white boy story and 3 LARGE (blk) men jumped out for no reason and beat him up

the white lady that recorded this she never once mentioned the fact that he was naked and drunk, neither did the bouncer that worked at the club that the white man came to naked and tried to get in or they didn't call the police for that matter. another trick of the white man and to report this sh— is stupid, even the police did not want the video tape. I guess it's ok if you're white to walk around in the nude and to hell with public indecency.

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