Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cracking Up!

Cracking Up
The University of California and the USGS have conducted an examination of the San Andreas fault line and have determined that it is much more dangerous than previously thought.

The last major quake was over 150 years ago and the stress built up until now is tremendous. Scientists now say the the fracture in the Earth could erupt along a 340 mile long region from Monterrey to the Salton Sea at any time. This could be an 8.1 or greater.

This would pretty much affect the entire state. It would be felt in Nevada and Arizona. Because of the population density, there would be major casualties and a lot of destruction. It can happen at any moment.

In addition, a 200 meter/yard fracture opened up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The land rose 10-15 feet/ 5 meters in a few seconds. Houses shook and trees along the cracked ground are now tilted at angles.

Seems as if nowhere is stable anymore. Best to keep delicate things off of shelves.

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