Wednesday, October 6, 2010

UFOs to Bring 'Great Events,' Chinese Scientist Predicts

A set of official documents along with video released today give more details about the UFOs that were reported over an airport in China. Chinese officials report that during the summer there were up to 8 UFO sightings at an airport in Baotou Mongolia. The documents released today give some details on the most recent occurrence, which was on September 11th.

The report says that on September 11th airport officials reported seeing mysterious lights in the sky, near the airfield in Baotou. The lights apparently stayed near the airport for quite some time; and actually forced officials to close the airfield for safety reasons. The temporary closing of the airfield affected three flights from Shanghai and Beijing; which were forced to circle the field until the list disappeared.

Unlike many reported UFO cases there are numerous photographs and even video of many of the cases at the airfield. UFO experts and skeptics are all in agreement that they are unable to identify what likely caused the lights. It is unknown whether the lights are from some sort of aircraft, or something else. There had been numerous UFO sightings at other airports already at this time as well; some of which had been explained by the Chinese government as military test flights. Although some of the sightings have been explained a majority of them remain a mystery at this point.

Many locals believe the sightings are undoubtedly something from another world; while many maintain the lights were likely caused by test vehicles or missile launches. At this point the data is still inconclusive; and unless more evidence comes out it is unlikely a true explanation will ever be given. Following the September 11th sighting there haven’t been any reported sightings in the area.

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