Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guinness Book Of World Records Refuses To Recognize 119-Year-Old Black Woman As ‘Oldest Person In The World'

The family of 119-year-old Rebecca Lanier is outraged now that the Guinness Book Of World Records won't recognize the great-great-great-grandmother as the “Oldest Person In The World.”

Lanier, born in March 1892 to former slaves, is reportedly ineligible because she does not have a birth certificate---common in the South although slavery had previously ended.

Guinness says it would need a birth certificate to verify her age although she has a letter from the Social Security Administration that confirms that she was born in 1892.

Proper age verification can for the record book can come from birth certificates, citizenship certificates or permanent residence cards, with individuals receiving benefits getting an annual letter with their details on.

Lanier reportedly has no illnesses and only uses a walker for balance at her Warrensville Heights, Ohio home.

The centenarian also does the Chinese martial art tai chi and takes no medication.

Guinness verified 114-year-old Besse Cooper of Georgia as the world's oldest living person this month.

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