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Hall of shiit tribute: Tylisha Perry.

It appears that drag queening is really continuing to work out to Tyler Perry’s favor and bank account. Check this out:

Madea Goes to Jail, the comedy-drama starring Perry’s signature drag character, grossed a whopping $41.1 million in its weekend debut, its studio estimated today, the biggest Friday-Sunday take since Twilight’s bow back in November.

I don’t know of any black women who look or act like Madea. It’s a shame that such an offensive image of black women is being uplifted by a black “man” and financed by black people who buy the tickets to that junk. Just goes to show you how damaged we are as a people.

Perry has an obsession with dressing up in women’s clothing. And I listened to an interview with him on the Steve Harvey program recently. I was flabbergasted at the fact that he was unable to do the entire interview as himself; instead, he kept slipping into the Madea character.

There is some straaaaange stuff going on in that “man’s” head!

Black Men in Dresses: Entertainment or Emasculation?

This year there will be three movies released featuring five African American men in dresses this year. Big Mamas: Like Father like Son, Skank Robbers and Tyler Perry’s Madea’s big happy Family. I have to wonder: Is this entertainment or Emasculation?

Many may see these images of brothers in dresses as something humorous. However, I see an insidious conspiracy by the media to strip away the manhood and male identity from the Black Man. Over the past two decades, the image of the black male has been slowly feminized. Little things like Athletes wearing earrings, Hip-hop stars wearing braids and sagging pants may be presented in the media to look trendy and stylish, but I feel it’s part of an effort to effeminate the Black male identity.

And when Hollywood presents three movies featuring Five Black men in dresses I feel it’s sending a CLEAR message to the Black Community: It does not see Black men as MEN. They see black men as their BITCH, a castrated asexual role where they are weak, docile and submitted to their will. It’s less than a man, less than a woman and less than a child. It’s a Joke.

The way Black men are represented today in the media is the most dangerous thing since Willie Lynch’s speech on how to make a slave.

What’s so dangerous about so many movies featuring Black men in dresses? The messages within these films have a subconscious impact on the psychology of how Black men and Black boys are conditioned to see themselves in society. Presenting so many images of African-American men in effeminate roles is part of an institutionally racist plan to humiliate and degrade the image of the Black man in society. And because most young black males don’t have their fathers in their lives they have no idea what an example of manhood truly is. So they think these images are what they should emulate as Black male behavior and their Black male identity.

Worse, young brothers who don’t know any better they incorporate this feminine behavior into their own behaviors. Because the media presents these effeminate images as socially acceptable and even trendy brothers have no idea that their gender identity is being corrupted. Imbibing this media for long periods of time can leave a black male confused to their sexual identity.

I notice that currently in mainstream White media there are no images of White Males in dresses on a regular basis. I mean, how many top White movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale are starring in movies where they’re wearing dresses these days? How many top white male athletes and entertainers have their hair done up in braids with ribbons and bows? How many white male athletes and entertainers are presented in the media are dressed in feminine colors or presenting effeminate body language or expressions on a regular basis?

Not that many. But Black men are presented this way on a regular basis nowadays.

I’m urging brothers and sisters to really take a look at the media they’re watching a bit more closely. It’s not just entertainment. The media we watch and listen to influences the way we think and the way we act. It models of what someone else in society wants us to act like. And someone wants to destroy the image of the Black man in America in the eyes of the world.

Putting so many Black men in dresses can't be entertainment. It’s emasculation.


British actor Idris Elba did not hesitate to speak his mind about the Oscars and Tyler Perry films. In a recent Q&A discussion/lecture at Rutgers University, the 38 year-old actor shared his thoughts on the Oscars in relation to African-Americans, as well as his honest opinion of Tyler Perry films (even though he has worked with the Madea screenwriter):

His thoughts on Tyler Perry’s films:
“Can I be candid? I don’t like all of Tyler Perry’s films. Yes, I did work with Tyler for ‘Daddy’s Little Girls’ because it portrayed a positive image of a black father. I am happy for Tyler’s success…we need Tyler Perry … by going to support his movies, we need to show economic strength. But we are also responsible for elevating film. I’m not with buffoonish characters like Madea or Big Momma.”

Dave Chappelle hints on Hollyweird's White Supremacist agenda.


He makes a decent point... Why all these brothas have to put on a dress in Hollyweird?

Aaron McGruder mocks Tyler Perry in last night’s “Boondocks” episode on Adult Swim. He portrays the Perry-like character as a closeted gay man named Winston Jerome. Jerome creates a homo-erotic cult which features Jerome as a cross dresser who resembles Madea.

Grandpa, hungry for fame, agrees to be in one of Jerome’s plays and “renounces” his family and “Ice Cube and all his works.”

He even kisses Jerome in the stage play in hopes of getting in the film. He also thinks he’ll be able to attract a coterie of hot “Beyonce”-type groupies. That doesn’t happen. What’s worse, Jerome actually DOES want to sleep with Grandpa. So he bolts.

There’s a scene in which “Rocky Horror Picture Show” fans will appreciate. An in a funny visual gag, Jerome dresses Jesus in a cute blue sweater on the cross because Jerome thought he was cold.

The only odd thing is I don’t think there’s any real evidence Perry places inordinate numbers of light-skinned hottie black guys in his plays and movies. (Jerome does!)

Adult Swim is a sister station of TBS, which works closely with Perry and Ice Cube

I think even if tylisha perry didn't get paid for dressing in drag in all his redundant,stereotypical movies. He would still be comfortable wearing women's clothes. SMH@ this coon got his own studio, but can only produce one genre of black films.

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