Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gay Rappers!

A couple of months ago I've seen this extremely funny popular boondocks episode about the undercover gay rapper ( The Story of gangstalicious 2) which was satire about how some of these rappers putting up false images and how phony they are,but recently I came across this article about a former MTV producer Terrence Dean, Who's writing a book about gay and DL rappers titled

"Hiding in Hip Hop""Terrance Dean's HIDING IN HIP-HOP: Confessions of a Down Low Brother in the Entertainment Industry, detailing the author's life as a closeted homosexual working in the film and music industry and his relationships with other closeted homosexuals -- film stars, rap artists, and music producers, to Krishan Trotman at Atria at auction by Karen E. Quinones Miller of Liza Dawson Associates. "However, reports claim that Terrance Dean will not actually tell all in Hiding in Hip-Hop, and that Dean will not name names in his book, unlike his female predecessors, Karrine Steffans and Carmen Bryan. The book drops May 13th.

I think it's obvious when some of these rappers go around wearing pink and of course sheeple followed that trend and even some of them kiss each other on the lips. "Homies over Hoes,Homies over Hoes" Do The Homie!

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  1. i never understand the interest we take in "outing" supposedly gay or bi men in the hip hop industry. what is the fascination with the cowardly and fearful?? if these "men" are not willing or ready to discuss their sexuality then maybe that means we too should be not ready and unwilling to discuss their sexuality. f they arent dealing with it, why are we? this is not intriguing, it is not "juicy" or "scandalous" its plain ol making a mountain out a molehill. these people are not cool for being afraid. they are just afraid, and we should choose to acknowledge their sex lives no more than they chose to. i find the celebrities who come out on their own to be far more fascinating, and interesting than the cowards everyone loves theorizing about.