Friday, July 25, 2008

Half-Assed "Solutions" for Being Black in Amerikkka On CNN

Forty years after the death of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., CNN took an unprecendented look at the state of black America in "CNN Presents: Black in America. The success, struggle, pain and pride.
I think this CNN special was a complete waste of time. We as a community and the country as a whole already know what the problems are. Must we rehash the same topics every 5-6 months on TV? Is that suppose to make things better or does it just make us Black Americans feel validated when we can air our dirty laundry? Here's a thought how about we shut up and do something about it instead of talking

I think us blacks in America need to realize some of the stuff that goes on in our community and change it for ourselves and stop looking for everybody else approval. That's why I think intergration was the worst thing for us,because it got us depending like our oppressors. It got us wanting to look like our oppressors instead of being proud of our selves and having our own schools,business etc.

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