Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Symbolism/allegories Behind "Hancock" Movie!

The villain's name is kenneth "red" Parker. He always wears red. He is the arch enemy of hancock. Red represents the root chakra which is our beastly nature -Set, Satan (i.e. lust, selfishness, covetousness, greed etc.)

Hancock is first seen asleep with a veil (skully/toboggan) over his 1st(3rd) eye. Signifying spiritual blindness. There is a hawk/falcon/eagle/phoenix on the skully over his 1st eye signifying Heru/krst/christ/buddha. There is also a Red stripe over the insignia showing it's subordinate to the root chakra.

Hancock wears a second hawk as a necklace over the heart (4th) chakra which is where heru resides..( give jesus/*heru* your heart and let him live through you)

The white guys name is Ray as in Sun or Ra.
His son is named Aaron as in brother of moses who carried a rod (spine)
This makes aaron the sun of Ra or sunray. He is actually responsible for opening the eyes Eye of hancock. He suffers from amnesia due to a blow to the head. (I believe this part is deeper than it appears but the obvious answer will due for now.

The wife's name is Mary. As in the mother of god (jesus) and wife of God (also jesus if you give mary madalene her rightful due) This is the principle of dualism yin/yang good evil. (Of course they substituted The TRUE GODDESS with the anti-type)

She is married to RAy and mother to the sun of Ra. !!!Spoiler!!! ...don't read the rest if you haven't seen the movie and don't want to ruin the ending

..............she is also married to Heru... They speak of becoming mortal when ever they are close to each other.. that she is stronger than him, and that THEY come through her to get to him. and that as long as they are separated they can live as Gods...

This speaks of death coming through the spilling of the seed. (The tree of Knowledge of good and evil) Remember the bible speaks of sex as KNOWING the woman.
The only reason to ejaculate is reproduction, all other orgasms or to be done inwardly known as Retrograde ejaculation. This is the true purpose of Tantric Sex. This is also why the woman is stronger. Everytime the man ejaculates he shortens his life span. This is his Godhood. She is only compromised (through my limited understanding) through giving birth. This is why she said 'they come through me to get to you'. The whole show is about overcoming the root "red" chakra (lust, spilling the seed) and becoming heru.

The title in itself explains it:

John = beloved of God in Hebrew but Paying Customer in the street

Han(d) Cock = a constant spilling of the seed through masturbation which includes sex if your not procreating or performing a sexual empowerment ritual while retaining the seed.

This is only a PERSONAL / PHYSICAL representation of the movie. I also believe it represents us as a people of AFRAKA, but Ineed a little moor time to meditate on it. I hear in my spirit that the blow to the head was our loss of RULER SHIP, our Woman (the Throne which is worn as a Crown) and our Spiritual Oneness with THE ALL.

The white women is kryptonite to the black male and even though he was a super heru everyone hated him and he had to go the prison and they tried to get a white man to clean up his image.

. My warped sense of 'everything they do is racist' meter was screaming at every aspect of this garbage ass movie from a herioc standpoint. And even worse a Black Super hero written by white people is just a paradox. Let's break it down, 1st he's a drunk... why because he can't remember who he is (subtle explanation of Black Americans not knowing their true history as a result of White supremacy and brainwashing) and because despite how powerful he is, people (in general - White people) hate him for his power and he is basically a fuck up because of reason 1. Which was caused by White people. The Racist agenda basically is saying Hancock even though we tried to kill you and caused your amnesia, which is the cause of your situation... get over it and start acting nice and everything will be okay if you play by the rules. Not only that, we are going to give you a white man (see through Hebrew = Jew) to teach you how to be nice, how to 'Act' civilized. Then they bring in this bullshit about this Cavebeast bitch being his quote on quote equal and just as old as he is... C'mon my Moorish people the Cavebeast didn't show up on this planet until at least 6000 years ago. We ALL know that everyone on this planet is either Black, Brown or Asian and White people are the smallest minority now even though they have done a pretty good job of killing and slowing down the birthrate of the other 3 groups. Common sense would tell you there were even less of these motherfucker's thousands of year's ago. Then the whole premise of a Black super hero who can supposedly fly to the Moon or anywhere else he wants to go. Huh? So, you mean to tell me this fucking dickhead would rather lay around on his ass getting fucked up, which they never explained how could alcohol effect him, then fly his punk ass over to Africa and stop the genocide, feed some people. The definition of Power, true power is being able to provide resources, food, clean water, safety and shelter for people without having to answer to anyone else. Hancock could have done that. But of course the white people who write this kind of garbage would never write that. No Army could stop him. No jet plane could shoot him out of the sky trying to deliver food. These are actually all the reasons why people of Color all across this globe have not risen up and drove the Cavebeast into extinction. We collectively don't have nuclear submarines, fighter jets, millions of troops with factories under our control to supply them. Hancock could have put a stop to all this bullshit that goes on this planet, but decides to get drunk laying his punk ass on a bench. Fuck Hancock. Then did you notice everytime someone else Black (ie criminal) came into contact with him, they acted like a typical hood clown. "Fuck you, Hancock... get the fuck outta here Hancock... we're gonna kick yo' ass Hancock" seriously, seriously this motherfucker has SUPER strength, he can fly and you know all this, right? If any criminal who didn't have super powers saw something like that coming in real life they would put their fucking heat down and probably ask for his autograph for their kids. White people love history but alway's seem to only remember it when it suits their bullshit arguments. Julius Ceasar once said, "The root of all Crime is poverty" If Hancock could supply all the things people honestly desperately need without having to get on their knees to beg the Cavebeast, how much crime do you think there would be? Don't get me wrong they are alway's gonna be rapist, arsonist, pedophiles and killers as long as there are humans but that nonesense about jacking a liquor store when you see a fucking super hero walk in the door? But then again that's how stupid white people think we are. And to cap it off the ending... Hancock puts that symbol the see through Hebrew created on the Moon for everyone to see it for his marketing? Marketing crap to poor, uneducated, brainwashed people is one of the main reasons this world is so fucked up in the first place. Thanks Hancock you fag. PS. is'nt it conveinent that he has amnesia? If you lived thousands of years wouldn't you pull a Bill Murray "Groundhog Day' move and learn everything. It only takes 6 to 8 years to get a Phd, if this fool lived thousands of years who the fuck would be smarter then he is... PURE GARBAGE!

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