Friday, July 25, 2008

Mayor Salami Kilstripper Accused of Assault on Police Deputy

Detroit politicians continue their almost daily contributions to the criminal blogs and blotters. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is now being investigated for allegedly assaulting a deputy accompanying an investigator for the Wayne County prosecutor at the home of the mayor’s sister. The officers were attempting to serve a subpoena on Bobby Ferguson, a city contractor and close friend of Kilpatrick. The mayor’s sister, Ayanna Kilpatrick, is married to Daniel Ferguson, a cousin of Bobby Ferguson.
Both the mayor and city council have proven a perpetual motion machine of criminal investigations, click here. Notably, the prosecution just filed a superseding indictment alleging that Kilpatrick had other affairs beyond the one with his former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty. It is not clear if this subpoena is linked to that expanded investigation.
The deputy has alleged that Kilpatrick (who is 6-foot-4 mayor and a former football player) knocked him into the female investigator. Any contact with an investigator is an invitation for a battery charge. The media attention will not help the situation since police may feel obligated to show that you cannot shove officers in such situations.
This is precisely why most lawyers keep clients out of locations where subpoenas and searches are being conducted. It is always a tense scene where tempers can get the better of clients. When a client must be present, an attorney should always be present for that reason.
This man is nothing but a buffon. I can't wait for them to throw him under the jail sad it is to say about another black man, but he so rightfully deserve it!

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