Thursday, September 9, 2010

My thoughts about actress regina king's tirade on how racist the emmys are.

I can understand why the sista is upset, because as long as she has been in the entertainment biz, how could they get her mixed up with another black actress, but I don't understand why our people always complaining about YT's table scrapes when you have the resources to create your own. We're always complaining about the lack of black actors/actresses on tv, movies or ect. Or they're aren't that many black tv shows and why aren't many blacks receiving accolades. Yea they give you accolades for buffonery and playing the sambo, but It's quite simple YT doesn't want us in their fantasy reality. They are threaten of seeing your black ass, because of their white supremacy complex and the fear of being out numbered by the dominant gene and they already feal threaten that there is a black president in the YT house. I hate when blacks give in to white supremacy and says this is a white mans world, but I notice most blacks in America only says that tired ass line which is a slave mentality and gives yt more power. I don't hear the Mexicans saying it,Chinese,Africans, etc, because it isn't a white mans world, but western influence has fucked up a planet full of people of HUE, but there is no excuse for blacks to lean on massa and not create our own films,tv shows and production companies. The Indians created bollywood without the help of white hollywood and regina king and others have the resources to do the same. I mean tyler perry did it, even though he's going at it the wrong way with his stereotypical,buffoon,minstrel shows, but he still created his own production company from nothing. I notice NBC has two new shows which has blair underwood as a Black president and the way these yts are mad about Obama, so I doubt that will last and a show called Undercovers which seems like the black Mr and Mrs smith. NBC hasn't had a black show since the fresh prince of bel air. Are they trying to pull a Fox? Create shows that cater to the black audiences and once they get the black ratings they're going to cancel and pull the plug on them like FoX did in the 90's. Who knows, but yt always have a hidden agenda when it comes to us.

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