Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some Of The Many Faces Of Whites, That Tried To Falsely Accuse Blacks For Their Crimes.


What whites have been doing since slavery!

1. Charlse Manson: The Notorious, Psychopath cult leader from the late sixties. Who actually didn't murder anyone, but he instructed his followers to carry out multiple murders in the Los Angelas area. His whole incentive was to start a race war between blacks and whites.

2.Susan Smith: South Carolina mother who drowned and killed her two sons and tried to blame it on fictional,black,carjackers. Sounds like mother of the year.

3. Senator John Mccain volunteer: Claimed that blacks beat her up and carved the letter "B" in her face in Pittburgh. The B was supposedly stood for Barack. When President Barack Obama was running up against Mccain for the presidental seat. I mean who does this kind of shit?

4. White bank robber: Decided to rob banks. When the police went looking for the culprit they discovered he was actually a Caucasian with a $2000 mask of black face. This white dude once told me that "I'm glad I'm white and not black, because i'll be locked up for all the crimes I committed if I was black'

5. Bethany Storro: Self-Muliated her own face. By throwing acid on her face and tried to pin it on some random black chick. I knew that she was lying when she said that the black woman said, “hey pretty girl. In fact she wasn't pretty to begin with and maybe she wanted to start where charlie manson left off. SMH

This shiit has been going on for too long.

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