Thursday, September 2, 2010

A White Mans Trash Is A Black Mans Treasure.

No wonder actress kirsty alley said on oprah about her weight gain, that she can still get a black man. Black men why do you want the white man's what nots? Why do black men thinking having poor,white trash becky is better than their Black queens? Self-hatred much!


  1. The day quickly comes when the Men of Color and Character have removed the shackles from our minds as well as our souls. Not being racist, but the "white" woman has been on the pedestal for far too long. To make our people strong again, we must become a unified people once again. We should no longer allow the bad education and false religion dictate our lives. And no, Kirsty Alley, you cannot "get a black man". Perhaps you can PAY a black man but you will never be one of our beautiful Queen Mothers of the Earth.

  2. Did none of that filth notice that poor child being traumatized?