Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Recession Is Over, But The Great Depression Just Begins.

Good news everyone!

The recession is OVER.

That's the news from a private agency the government uses to monitor the economy.

So...it MUST be true.

After all, isn't everyone working now, selling homes for profit and buying, buying, buying?

This agency says the recession ended in June. You must be rolling in dough!

The truth is---NOTHING changed! Another media/government scam.

NO one believes them. Try to get a loan these days.The answer almost always is--DENIED--or they make you jump through so many hoops you almost wish it was.

This isthe same kind scam they use when they say it is okay to swim in the Gulf and eat shrimp and fish from those waters. Do they care if you get sick and die? Do they care if you don't have 2 pennies to rub together?

Telling you one thing when the truth is another is the oldest "handler" routine in existence. "Kiss me, smack me" gets people every time.You never know what is right or wrong or what to do. You are confused, unsure and desperate. So, it is easier to follow what your handler tells you.

Will you eat genetically altered salmon--it's really good for you. Will you conserve energy because of global warming before you all die? Meanwhile, there is a fish on your plate with hands and 3 eyes and it's snowing outside in July.

Is THAT the kind of world you agree to live in?

I don't!

So, what to do? Where to go? What to think?

In this confused world, I help guide you into your own inner voice of reason. I am honest, up front, and personal.I tell you the TRUTH in a way that you can hear it and act on it.

This News story, about the recession being over was intended for all of the blind still out there believing the Government or Obama actually care about them. Somewhere, someone is believing this insult on their intelligence. The poor souls.

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