Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mystery Missile

Cover Story
Well, they finally came up with a clever cover story to "explain" the mystery missile over LA . A defense expert, John Pike, said it was a plane contrail. He also said:

"Why the government is so badly organized that they can't get somebody out there to explain it and make this story go away ... I think that's the real story," Pike added.

Notice the words--" make this story go away." That is a clue. It tells you it is a cover up of what really happened.

If it was a plane contrail, then which flight was it? What airline? Was it on radar? Why don't they have that information?

People on the ground saw it. I think they know what a plane looks like. How stupid do they think people are? Very, apparently. I think most people are accepting this explanation. It is much easier to think it was a plane contrail instead of a missile or something worse.

Mind-controlled people will accept the government story. Just like 911, or Iraq or any Al Qaeda information given on the media. Blind acceptance with no questioning. Perfect robots. Very sad.

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