Saturday, November 20, 2010

Quakes And More Quakes

Quakes And More Quakes
There was a minor earthquake in Nebraska that literally shook up residents in this "stable" Midwest state. TRhe tremore occurred along the northern edge of the ancient fault line I have been telling you about for years. It starts in North Texas and ends in Nebraska. Both ends have been moving, especially in Oklahoma.

There also have been tremors increasing in Southeastern Missouri and Western Tennessee along the New Madrid fault line. These rae indications of an event building in that region.

The same is happening along the St. Lawrence Seaway fault line with quakes popping up in New Brunswick, Maine and New York.

Lots of tension building in the Earth's crust right now. There will be a BIG release soon, somewhere. Same tensions are building in people. So, I expect a civil disorder event in a large city as well.

You all know what to do by now. Keep up your protection and release work.

November 19, 2010

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