Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Black Man Says He Killed White Supremacist Over Homosexual Advances

The Black Mississippi man that beat, stabbed and set on fire a well known white supremacist admitted to officials Tuesday that he killed the man because he made sexual advances at him.

Deputy Sheriff Brent Bailey tells CNN that 22-year-old Vincent McGee confessed to killing 67-year-old Richard Barrett.

Bailey says McGee told police that he went to check his Facebook account at the White supremacist' house and when the leader of the Nationalist Movement made a sexual advance at him, he became enraged and killed him.

CNN reports that a second story was told in court however and that McGee, who had been hired to mow Barrett's lawn, went to his house to confront him about money.

When the situation escalated into a verbal argument, the supremacist reportedly pulled down his pants and told the young man to perform a sex act on him.

That's when McGee snapped, “hitting him with a radio before grabbing a knife, wrapping a belt around his hands, and stabbing him until he quit moving.”

When police found Richard Barrett's body he had 16 stab wounds along with severe burns to his head and 35% of his body.
As previously reported Barrett traveled the country sharing his anti-Black and anti-immigration ideas and cofounded the Nationalist Movement, a white supremacist organization.

Vincent McGee faces charges of murder and arson.

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