Saturday, May 22, 2010

Must have item: Solio Classic battery charger.

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This is the solar charger that proved you could go green in style. At the airport, on vacation, in remote locations, in an emergency situation- Dependable and durable.

Just unfold the blades and blaze, with the sun soaking, eco-friendly Classic Hybrid Solar Battery Charger.

Multi-device charger
Works with 3200+ devices.

Stores Power
Holds a charge up to one year, so it’s ready anytime, day or night.

Hybrid versatility
Charge it from the sun, via USB port or from an optional wall charger.

Intelligent Charging
No overcharging, just right.

•Long life internal 1650Amh Lithium-Ion Battery.
•3 High efficiency solar cells.
•Multi-function LED light/start button.
•Charging cable input (USB / AC).
•Charge output
•5-6V, 800mA output range.
•4.8 Watts

Solio chargers belong to a new category of products designed to support a more sustainable world.

•World-class engineering
•Earth-friendly designs
•Global Awareness
•Designed for easy dismantling and recycling.

This will come in handy in case of a blackout or a power outage.

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