Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Quakes

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge registered a 6.3 quake yesterday, one of the largest there since I have been watching the area. It came only a day after a 6.5 quake hit the Brazilian Amazon region, which NEVER has quakes. This implies a movement of the South American Tectonic plate towards the northeast which is adding pressure on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

As these quakes become larger, tsunamis can form and would strike the East Coast of the US, northwestern Africa and western Europe. Bermuda and Iceland would also be in the line of waves.

If the pressure increases, the Las Palmas volcano in the Canary Islands may erupt and the weakened wall of the largest volcano in the Atlantic will collapse into the ocean, sending 12 million cubic tons of rock into the water, resulting in a massive tidal wave.

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