Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Korean News

There is news reported in South Korea that we do not have in western news sources. My contacts there tell me that the ship that was "torpedoed" by a North Korean submarine was actually participating in a joint military exercise with American and South Korean vessels that were in close proximity.

When the wreckage was found, they dredged up a rusty piece of equipment that was claimed to be a North Korean torpedo. It was completed rusted and in pieces, yet, there was fresh magic marker on it claiming it was #1 in a North Korean style.

South Korean media and people jokingly are saying that the North Koreans have the world's greatest magic marker that does not disintegrate in sea water or rust.

Also, there is fear in Seoul that the North will attack the city with 25 million people living in and around it with missiles that can easily reach their targets. People there are panicking. The situation is escalating.

The US is bound by treaty to defend South Korea in an attack. Japan has stated the same intention. It is going to get messy there very soon

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