Friday, June 11, 2010

94 Year-Old Child Molester Arrested For Pleasuring Himself With Vacuum

A Payson man, born the same year the United States entered World War I, has been arrested for allegedly molesting several children in a Payson trailer park, Payson Police Chief Donald Engler tells New Times. He was detained by authorities for public indecency after neighbors complained of him sitting in their garage and pleasuring himself with a vacuum cleaner.

Dale Warren Graham, 94 was arrested last week for allegedly touching at least two children inappropriately, and police are concerned there may be more victims.

Engler says a citizen called police concerned that Graham was molesting kids in the neighborhood, which prompted a three-week police investigation ending in Graham’s arrest.

The trailer park where Graham lives, Engler says, is full of kids, and the old coot would apparently walk around the neighborhood, befriend them, and molest them near his trailer.

Engler wouldn’t say what exactly Graham was doing to the children, but says he didn’t have sex with any of them, just imappropriately touched them.

Graham, according to Engler, does not appear to suffer from dementia.

4.First children, then animals, now HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES TOO?!?!?! SMH

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