Friday, June 18, 2010

White Caveman Kills Black Woman With Hammer!

Orange County Sheriff's office says a 35-year-old Kountze man has confessed to killing a 26-year-old Beaumont woman over the weekend and later dragging her body behind his pickup truck.

Authorities say William Baker Bibb is charged with murder and is being held in the Orange County Jail on a $1 million bond. Authorities say preliminary autopsy results show the woman died of blunt force trauma to the head.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office says they received a call at 11 a.m. Saturday morning of a dead body near the Rose City Sand Pit in Rose City. According to the Sheriff's office, the man called 911 claiming he and the deceased woman were victims of a crime.

But authorities now say Bibb confessed to killing Theresa Adell Ardoin sometime Saturday morning after a "fight." Orange County Sheriff's Department say Bibb picked up Ardoin from Magnolia Avenue in Beaumont and drove her to a sandpit north of Rose City.

The sheriff says Bibb and Ardoin were acquaintances and allegedly got together to "possibly do some drugs, have sex" at a sand pit, but they argued. Bibb allegedly struck her with a hammer.

Authorities say after killing her, Bibb attached her body to his pickup truck and dragged about a quarter-mile to the canal.

Authorities say there is no evidence that the crime was that of a hate crime. Bibb is Caucasian, while Ardoin was African American.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division is investigating the case as murder.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is being assisted by detectives from the Orange Police Department, Pinehurst Police Department, Vidor Police Department, and the Orange County District Attorney's Office.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is calling this one of the worst murder investigations they've ever had. Workers and business owners at the sand pit property said it's hard to believe the gruesome story of what happened over the weekend.

Jason Miles has driven through the gates at the Rose City Sand Pit as a freelance truck driver for several years.

He said he can't believe he now shares his workplace with crime-scene investigators.

"Such a horrendous crime - and just knowing that it happened nearby where you work is even more of a shock" said Miles.

Investigators said William Bibb confessed to killing an acquaintance Theresa Ardoin Friday night near a clearing in the sand pit. Investigators said Bibb beat Ardoin to death with a hammer, then tied her body with a rope to his truck, and dragged her a quarter mile dumping the vehicle and Ardoin's body in a ditch.

In a press conference Monday, the Sheriff's office said though Ardoin is black, they won't investigate the murder as a hate crime, citing the evidence doesn't point to her death being about race or religion.

"At first he had given us a set of facts and then whenever he was really questioned by the investigators about his facts that didn't make any sense- then he realized he needed to tell the truth" said Chief Deputy Rodney Harrison with the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

But the truth is, some businesses in the area are upset.

Nearby business owners said some of the gates leading to the clearing are never locked - leaving the property exposed to anyone coming in and out whenever they please.

For Miles, he said that knowing someone took advantage of the isolated dirt roads he works on every day, is upsetting.

"It's very sad to hear that anyone loses their life to a violent crime and just knowing that it happened here makes it that much more close to home" said Miles.

Leaving Miles with a new perspective as he works within the yellow tape, a haunting reminder of the weekend's events.

These mofo crakkkers are getting out of hand!

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  1. "Not a hate crime"... hmmm, it hardly sounds like LOVE TO ME.. to beat someone in the head with hammer and murder them, then drag their body behind your truck, sounds like HATRED to me. It also sounds like the same crime that ANOTHER Suspected racist(white supremacist) male committed against a black male recently: