Saturday, June 12, 2010

Obama's past

Obama's Past
There has been a lot of very interesting research done on the past of President Obama. Thee may even be a book or 2 coming out soon, which will be met with vast criticism.

The details are that from 1981-1985, Obama was NOT at Columbia University as claimed, but was actually a spy working in Afghanistan for the CIA and possibly KGB. There is NO record of him attending Columbia University as he claims in his autobiography. People who knew him in Central Asia at that time, claim he traveled using a Kenyan passport!

Plus, the birth records form Hawaii are a "Certification of Live Birth", not a "Certificate of Live Birth" which are two different things. Anyone can get a certification from any state. A certificate means you were really born there.

The research also connects Obama to highly placed Socialists and Communists on 3 continents. His loyalties are not to the US at all. His nationalization of the banking and auto industries, his socialization of medical care and his lack of action in the Gulf oil spill are all evidence of either an inept president, or one with an agenda of destroying the US. Either way, it is not a pretty picture.

June 11, 2010

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  1. Hm, yes. All of a sudden, the first (half-) black president we have all of a sudden just HAS to be associated with all this stuff because we all know that Bush (and other white presidents) have had Amercia's best interests! (/sarcasm). I guess the big lesson is as long as a white person messes up 500 miles an hour (i.e. Bush) its a-okay, but a POC?! NO! He's "up to something...DIABOLICAL"!

    Sounds like pure, prime Rightwing propaganda to me!!