Friday, June 11, 2010

Look At This! The BP Oil Spill From Space

Damn. This terrifying image of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill was taken by NASA’s Terra satellite. It’s a beautiful image, but wow. So fucked up!

War On US Soil
There is a semi-confirmed report that USNORTHCOM ( United States Northern Command) is planning for the first time in history to prepare to fight an " unconventional foe" on US soil!

According to the report, thousands of lives are at stake. What is an "unconventional foe"? An alien? A terrorist group? Godzilla?

In addition, the military is preparing massive evacuations of people from the Gulf Coast region in the event that toxic gases and fluids reach land, potentially threatening tens of millions of lives.

There is further unconfirmed reports that a fracture has occurred in the sea floor of the Gulf which may cause magma, sulfur and other poisons to stream forward indefinitely. Was this fracture caused by the drilling or by the 3 large quakes that occurred under the Gulf over the past 3 years?

One more thing. An even more unconfirmed report states that Russia is preparing to engage US troops in Afghanistan because they are funneling large amounts of illegal drugs into Russia to undermine that nation. Apparently, this was stated by a German politician who was then forced to resign.

As I have been stating--this Summer will be HOT!

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