Monday, June 7, 2010

Things To Watch

There are a lot of items in the news to keep an eye on these days. They are as follows:

-- A company called, Nalco, has come up with a toxic chemical that will be "tested" on the Gulf oil spill to clean it up. Nalco is connected to big names, including Al Gore and Dick Cheney. They are waiting until the disaster worsens before they "rescue" the environment and make trillions.

-- Six bodies were found in a cave near Cancun, Mexico. They had their hearts ripped out of their chests. Have the Aztecs returned?

-- Four F2 tornadoes ripped through Michigan Saturday night on their way to Ohio where 7 people were killed. All 4 tornadoes came though our county, but went around us when I used the Ultimate Protection technique!

-- The predictions for solar storms have been downgraded again as NOAA predicts a cataclysmic solar event soon. Somebody is wrong.

-- A comet or asteroid hit Jupiter again! Strange that only that planet attracts them. Could it be an artificial event? Is the Kuiper Belt involved? This will be discussed at our October Conference.

-- Is the EU and the euro collapsing? Europe is in major crises with financial collapse of Portugal, Ireland and Greece. Hungary is most likely next. Is this Windsor sabotage?

-- Iran is planning on sending aid to Gaza. If the Israelis stop them, will war occur? It will be a hot Summer, and not because of temperatures.

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