Friday, June 11, 2010

White Woman Jailed After She Attacks Deputies With Her Own Feces

Manatee, Florida – Amy Hagar, a 33-year-old Manatee woman, was jailed after she allegedly threw her own feces at a deputy.

According to the Manatee Sheriff’s Office, deputies were dispatched on a report of a domestic dispute between Hager and her husband.

Officers say that Hagar was considered the aggressor so they made an arrest with the intent of taking her to jail in a transport van.

Deputies were trying to switch Hagar from handcuffs to leg shackles when she reportedly jerked away from the officer. The deputy then pinned her to the back of the van. At that point, Hager allegedly said, “You just made me (expletive) myself. Are you happy now?”

Officers say that was when Hagar reached into her shorts, grabbed some fecal matter, and threw it at the deputies; striking one in the leg.

“Damn, I only hit one of you,” Hagar allegedly told the deputies.

Hagar was taken to the Manatee County Jail and charged with felony domestic aggravated battery, felony battery on a law enforcement officer, misdemeanor assault on a law enforcement officer, felony resisting arrest with violence, and misdemeanor resisting or obstructing an officer without violence. Her total bond for all counts are $13,370.

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